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Kay - 2004-06-25 10:43:03
Believe it or not, stir frying chicken only takes a tablespoon or two of grease! It looks weird to us southerners but trust me it works!! Hee! If you get that M&M crusted chicken perfected, let us know the recipe! My nieces would think I was the SHIT man!
Mom - 2004-06-25 16:41:25
At Costco they were demoing by using the microwave...it was yum and no hot oil eruptions to deal with. The chicken I got you is precooked.Tomorrow will be baking M&M Blondies. Cameron is spending the night tonight...want to come over for a lesson?
Ch Ch ch ch ch China - 2004-06-25 21:04:46
Amidst the Gong crash, and the bowing, just a note to say hi! Liked the posting, and I know all about the oil splatter trauma.... lets hear it for McDonalds! WOOHOO!!! ~Charlie
baneful V. - 2004-06-26 20:26:22
clicked on your banner... LOVE YOUR SITE!
Gravis Zero - 2004-06-27 16:44:50
just a note: mcdonalds no longer has ANY meat in their burgers which are still really bad for you. also, i suggest stir fry kitten.
scizott - 2004-06-27 23:59:09
you know,...instead of going to all that trouble,...why don't you just get some nice you gentlemen to come over and cook you dinner?
Beth - 2004-06-28 09:01:13
scott..YOU did it? dude you really didn't need to do that. Plus I still owe you that $70 for the memory stick, I didn't forget..haha (get it, memory stick..)mm. Seriously, did you do it? Let me repay you.

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