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Dawn - 2004-06-23 11:10:09
Omigod, that's funny! But what I want to know is if anyone actually bought the used underwear. THOSE are the people you really gotta watch out for. ;-)
tali - 2004-06-23 11:40:11
Yea..did ppl actually buy the used underwear?? I need to clean out my apt but am having a difficult time letting stuff go. I look at it and think about what it meant to me and then back in the stupid box it goes. *sigh*
LJ - 2004-06-23 12:14:41
Today you gave me a real chuckle. Oh, garage sales, arent' they just . . . Last fall we had one because we were moving and hadn't had an opportunity to sort the his/her stuff from pre-marriage. What an event. I had no qualms about selling any of his crap for pennies, but for some reason I wanted/needed top dollar for my broken old crap. Lucky for me, he didn't want to help me out that day. Ah . . the memories. Cheers - LJ

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