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Joanne - 2004-05-03 11:06:51
Don't worry you are not alone. Apparently this is a national holiday and every asshole and their mother has been calling! When does it get to be National Receptionists Can Be Rude If They Feel Like It Day?
Beth - 2004-05-03 11:13:54
Call me crazy, but I think today should be a joint holiday...haha ..joint. My sister would be up for that one..(I'm just keeeeding!!)
Amy - 2004-05-03 12:46:49
did someone say joint......
Joshua Allen Bennett - 2004-05-03 22:18:06
Actually Bethie....Your Day is coming up ...May 14th is National Receptionists Day...And in case u already have your calendar out, you might as well cicle the 15th as well becuase it is National Chocolate Chip Day and the 9th is Lost Sock Memorial Day... Check It Out
bethie - 2004-05-03 22:26:19
That's so weird b/c just a few weeks' was 'national secretaries' day..but it is now called 'national administrative assistant day'..so I was thinking THAT was my day..mmm May 14th eh? That is also the day of my graduation, which means I won't be at work, figures. I'll have to 'remind' them that's my day...

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