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Bill - 2004-02-03 02:08:14
I say make as many serious entries as you feel like. Don't worry about the people that may read it... Make these entries for you.

I totally understand where you are coming from. I was among the last of my friends to graduate from college - and now all of them have gotten married and have had kids. Some have even been divorced and have remarried. And yet I have not been married. In that aspect of their lives, they have been much luckier than me - and a few of them have probably have worked harder than I have to make things work. But I have been able to do lots of things that I probably would not have been able to do if I had gone down the same roads they have gone down - such as working in theater, traveling, spending lots of time with my nieces and nephew, etc... I know you are not in the best of places right now - but trust me - I am sure that will change.

I have taken up more than enough room in your comment section - trust me though when I say things will get better... I am sure of it.
scizott - 2004-02-03 07:41:15
don't worry beth,...we still love you. you will notice the absurdly early time i am writing this. that's cause someone decided to wait untill after i was up and dressed etc. to cancel school today. I'm still wating for this alleged freezing rain. anyhoo, call me, i'm bored.
Trey - 2004-02-03 08:04:21
No thank YOU for being so freakin' enlightening. Do not fret my child, for behing the horizon lies the promise land. Your day will come and you will have your chance to shine. Keep up the good work while you're ahead of some. Have a nice day.
Gary - 2004-02-03 18:08:27
Ditto what Bill said. The circumstances he descibed parallel my own pretty closely. I'm also shy and fairly non-agressive, so things just happen slower for me, but I know they will happen eventually (some things are already changing for the better) and I'm certain that everything will eventually work out for you as well, I mean you're just too bright (in every sense of the word) for it not to, you big whiner :) Now make with the funny already!
Beth - 2004-02-03 18:37:02
alright guys, thank you very much I appreciate all of ya'lls support. Except for you Scott.. (just kidding) Seriously, I know I will be okay just going through a rough time with all the shit going on right now. I'lll bring the funny shortly GARY~! So demanding, sheesh. But seriously, thanks :)
scizott - 2004-02-03 19:56:24
i'm gonna go cry now........and no more icecream for you
beth - 2004-02-03 20:20:44
aww i'm just kidding scottie!... you now I love you the most. how is the antique thingy going?
Brian - 2004-02-04 13:57:41
I always drowned my life sorrows into watching repeating over and over again episodes of Sportscenter. Not that I cared about the sports, but it numbs the brain after awhile. Umm...that's probably not good cheer up words...but hey, things don't happen overnight, it takes awhile to get to the really good places. Unless you're rich and blessed like those people who seem to breeze through college all popular, and then get good jobs, and have houses at age 23, while I'm stuck with no credit and no way to get it in a new country that doesn't understand that I existed before I moved here, and won't even give me a Best Buy card when I needed a computer to talk to people back home when I was so lonely...damn that Best Buy. Oh, and umm...it'll all be worth it one day, 25 is a fraction of the life you'll live. Hell, wait until you're 26 before you freak out. Then you're over a quarter century old.

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