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Laura - 2003-10-29 05:37:44
Clearly, you're being ridiculous. And if I could have hyperlinked all those words, I would have. Oh yes, I would have. Hee.
Brian - 2003-10-29 12:32:28
Dogs find other dogs delicious. And that's the way the world is.
Bethie - 2003-10-30 02:25:31
I find that unlikely Laura...hmmm prove me wrong!! Dogs do find other dogs delicious, my puppy constantly humping my other dog proves this. I'm all about proving stuff today.
kristin - 2003-10-30 09:10:50
hey, girl. yeah. i live in annapolis. *airhorn* BOAT PEOPLE! oh, and also, along the lines of doggy dog world, i thought "a tough row to hoe" was "a tough road a ho" which, either way...WHA?
Brian - 2003-10-30 12:32:21
My wife's boss is always making "mute" points. I like that better actually.
Bethie - 2003-10-30 20:03:17
Oh yeah, I've heard that too. My dad says 'tough row to hoe' all the time. I never got the meaning exactly either. (But that's a mute point)
Brian - 2003-10-31 12:22:06
It's all just more figgy for their pudding, so good for them.

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