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$cott - 2003-09-16 02:51:43
yo Beth, haha these diary things are neat. Here it is 245am and I'm staying up to capture these Conan skits that I saw last week but will re-run on the 3am show. I REALLY need a Tivo. ps- my bday is coming up. pps- so yea that trip was so awesome, just think we got to see the big show twice, and it was FREE. Thinking about it I don't think we really needed to sneak in both times, it was *supposed* to be free. I hope the next afcob gathering we can get your Mike #3 to go and some other "peeps." The more the merrier. Not to mention easier on the wallet. $_$ j/k Well good to meet you and Sheattle Sue, hopefully next run we'll finally spot the elusive JZA. "twicken!!!"
bethie - 2003-09-16 14:38:05
*twicken* indeed my friend. yeah when you return my camera, give me the snl cd, and I'll make you a copy yo. I had a great time too, thanks again ;)
Laura - 2003-09-16 18:47:37
Brian - 2003-09-20 10:53:49

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