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fredc - 2006-04-19 11:39:45
3 years later, i was listening to come on eileen, and taken by the sentiment. in googling to find out more about it, i hit your post. here's what i think i know... eileen was a childhood friend of the singer/writer (kevin something), and when they reached puberty, their friendship turned sexual. he is asking her to "go all the way." johnny ray was a big hit singer in the 50's, with a quirky, sentimental delivery that became a joke amongst emcees and such. but he apparently melted the hearts of housewives. it is a sweet song -- the remembrance of first yearning and love. i can remember brutes and jerks singing this as a drunken pub song back in the 80's, and it annoyed me, but isn't that what this type of music is about? AFAICT, the too rah loo rah aay stuff is a sing-song line from the previous generation's melodies. in fact, that's what i was looking for when i came across this here site. wtf is too rah...aay? anyways, love/hate the song and what it may mean to you, not the way some people react to it.

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