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LJ - 2010-11-05 15:33:09
CHICKIE!!!!!!!!! I thought I'd lost you into cyberland forever!!! I'm so glad you're still writing. How is that BEAUTIFUL baby? Although, I seriously doubt she's a baby anymore. Please send me an updated picture. (lj.ducharme@gmail.com) - and what would you like needle felted???
NovelHole - 2010-11-06 04:39:49
After saying the same kinda shit for YEARS, a friend of mine who is getting published (it takes a while) emailed me and told me he'd never have cranked a book out without a challenge, and HE had a friend that emailed him and said "6,000 words a week for 2 months or you're a pussy." Like a NaNoBiWriMo. So he called me a pussy a few months later, and now we're all doing it. Calling each other pussies, that is. Oh, and I'm about 32,000 words into a novel I've been wanting to write for about 5 years. So, FUCK YEAH. Email me and I'll challenge you, you pussy. Love, Judd
Ricky - 2010-11-09 19:24:38
Weird. I still have a man crush on Judd after all these years... Anywhoo... I've been loving your craigslist ads. The ones I've seen. In fact, I may begin to steal your material the next time I want to give away my hat stand....or something... only I suck...so nevermind.... You should write a book. About socks. (I know I keep bringing up your socks and I swear its not some weird thing its just the funniest freakin thing I ever read on Diaryland.. I don't know why) I've been trying to write a book for years but I'm so freakin ADD after I get a paragraph done I move on to a different idea... did I mention I suck? Insert Heavy Internet Sigh*

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