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Kay - 2008-05-10 23:41:11
How weird. I just thought of you, my time 10:40 because I remembered today was the day and wham you just posted she is here. CONGRATS you guys! I bet she is beautiful, can't wait to "meet her!"
noo - 2008-05-11 13:22:32
WOW!!! great news - congratulations - I hope you get some sleep someday soon! *hugs*
Sig - 2008-05-11 18:58:21
CONGRATS!!!!! Such good news :)
LJ - 2008-05-12 12:30:06
Congratulation all around. How cool is this? It seems like just yesterday that you were single and I wanted to hook you up with Ricky. Oh, how my children have grown. Way to go Angel, Beth, and baby Isobel!!!
Ricky - 2008-05-13 07:40:08
Ya'll created an actual human being! Congratulations!
Lass - 2008-05-15 17:25:03
YAY! Congrats all around!

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