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Ricky - 2007-07-11 03:41:14
You make a beautiful bride Beth. Not that you didn't make a beautiful..uh.. non-bride...because as far as non-brides go you were totally rockin' the whole...non-bride thing...but.. so... anyway.. yeah...you look beautiful. Congratulations again. :)
Liz - 2007-07-11 11:24:09
Congratulations! So beautiful!! Thanks for sharing.
Jett - 2007-07-11 11:39:07
YAY!!! You both looked amazing! Love how you did your hair, too. Can't wait to see the rest!
LJ - 2007-07-11 12:41:25
You look Stunning!!!! Just like I knew you would. And Angel, ewww baby! What a catch. Huge hugs!!! Congratulations!
Dr. Hardcrab - 2007-07-11 13:25:44
Wow. You looked BEAUTIFUL, Beffers! (O.K., you always HAVE!!) He's a good lookin' guy, too! Wish I could have been there. Let us know when the rest of the pics get posted. CONGRATS!!!!!!!
Ginger - 2007-07-11 17:44:07
You guys looked amazing! You made a beautiful bride. Congrats!
aunt sharon - 2007-07-11 19:45:38
Oh Beth, You look so happy. What a gorgeous bride you are. Hope you have a life time of chills, thrills and joy. You deserve all the good that life has to offer. Here's to you kiddo... you did it!! Looking forward to seeing more pics. Woohoo!!! Love you, Aunt Sharon
brandy - 2007-07-12 13:52:09
Hey Beth, You look great. Congraulations.. :)
Mom - 2007-07-12 15:36:56
You and Angel look so sweet. I love looking at all the pictures thus far and can't wait to see more. I hope we can airbrush out all the landscape flaws due to construction and lack of weed pulling...YIKES...can we redo the whole thing next month?...or maybe next year to make sure.
Bill - 2007-07-20 00:14:24
Beautiful pics. Congratulations again.
Chickie-legs - 2007-07-20 10:32:00
thanks guys, you all are so sweet! mom, the yard and house looked beautiful! And you're silly to think other wise!! I can't thank you guys enough for all the hard work you did to make my wedding so beautiful and perfect!!
Dave - 2007-08-08 12:50:32
Congrats, I haven't been here in a while but you've obviously kept busy

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