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Bill - 2006-07-17 12:44:34
A beautiful dress - and you look smashing in it! :-)
LJ - 2006-07-17 14:05:56
I was always envious of those women who would go try on Wedding dresses, but didn't even have boyfriends. In my books, that took guts. So, when I did get engaged and began my wedding dress hunt - I felt much like you. It was truly surreal, but it was really happenning to me - I wasn't faking it. It is one of my fond memories from pre-wedding time. Enjoy it!!
Joshua Bennett - 2006-07-17 19:59:31
What? you don't have photoshop at work? I thought you work in video editing? do you guys simply use MS paint and then render your graphics with MS movie maker? cool dress although for some strange reason it looks like you paid more attention to the detail of your hair then anything else. nice to see you didn't go with the buzz cut and instead went with the highlights. unless those are actually rice in hair.. please tell me you mom throw rice at you at the store to get the 'true' feeling of the dress. This doesn't even make sense because they don't throw rice anymore, because birds gets sick, not to mention a pain to get them out of one's hair.... am I right or am I right...am I right...right..righ.ri...
chickie legs - 2006-07-17 20:21:03
lol Josh. yes I have photoshop at work, just not on that particular computer that I wrote this on..(it's new). And I just got my hair highlighted again, so I had to show case that.. btw apparently people now 'throw' butterflies??
ricky the apparantly never getting married guy - 2006-07-17 21:38:41
hehe... people throw butterflies at weddings....I don't know why I find that so funny...but I do...and I like the cape. Thats a nice touch. Superman themed weddings are cool... :-)
The Groom - 2006-07-18 10:29:46
I thought it would be good for me to see the dress. But I do get that it's the tradition. I did think about what tux to get. As for the rice, why not noodles? Or better yet, chocolate, but something soft like gbunch of crunchh I would hate to get stoned by hard candy on our wedding day.. such as M&M with or without peanuts. Then again we are going to a bridal show today they may have some good ideas.
The Bride - 2006-07-18 10:30:13
you're so cute..I love you
The Groom - 2006-07-18 10:31:25
I love you too.
The Guy Sitting Sitting at Dinner, hitting his fork against his glass - 2006-07-20 13:40:20
Joshua Allen Bennett - 2006-07-21 20:03:04
they stop throwing rice because birds choke and die from it, so instead they throw butterflies? do you mean if a butterfly is bird then all they did is cut out the middle man? If you are going with the throwing candy route.. you should look into getting a cotton candy maker spinner thing. it's soft, fun to eat and plus creates an instince bouquet to throw at the ladies over your should at the end... and yess I had to look up the word bouquet.. I suck at spelling
Carter - 2006-07-22 23:30:55
love your sense of humor *smile*
Jett - 2006-07-27 21:52:33
I'm thinking that if those are moths, you might want to think about taking the dress back. Or having a beautiful cedar tiara.
chickie legs - 2006-07-28 08:10:01
haha .. good thinking lincoln

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