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Angel - 2006-06-01 10:49:20
It has only been ONE year? I have felt like more then that. I feel lost in time, or am I lost in love? Just think about it we only have 13 month to go, and lots of planning to do. This year is going to be interesting as the wedding plan come to full fusion of the nuptials on 7.7.07. Life with you has become a Lesson for me of thing to come, just be turn to Jennifer Wilbanks.
Elizabeth - 2006-06-01 10:53:52
lol I had to look up who Jennifer Wilbanks was. No worries mi amor :)
LJ - 2006-06-01 11:47:49
I remember T and my's first year of dating anniversary. I was on the west coast and he was on the his way to the east coast on his motorcycle for a last "guys fling" with his buddy. the date was exactly one month away from our wedding date. I hope the two of you do something special to celebrate your 12 months. :-)
cloudy - 2006-06-01 13:26:08
We went to Vegas & got hitched and then had the biggest party on earth one year later with a re-enactment ceremony. It sort of took the pressure off & Vegas is fun. I say go to Vegas 7-7-06, so your anniversary is the same when you have your other wedding 7-7-7.
Bill - 2006-06-01 16:46:46
Glad to see you so happy! I am a little upset though... I've been saying "it hasn't been so long since my last update - it's longer for Beth..." Now I can't say that anymore and have to update. :-) Take care!
Lass - 2006-06-01 19:43:58
Happy Anniversary to you both and I say, do the wedding the way YOU want it. It's your day, not anyone else's.
not your sisssttttooooorrrrr - 2006-06-02 13:45:40
I say go to Vegas! GO for it! It would be lots of fun. Congrats on the one year!!!!
Ricky - 2006-06-03 09:27:43
Hey Beth. I'm so happy for ya. And a little envious. ;-) But hey, if you do decide to throw off the whole 777 thing and go to Vegas, I'm gonna be there at the end of August, and I would totally dress up like Elvis and sing my awesome rockin "Love Me Tender" version at your wedding... think about it. People pay big money for my Elvis impersonations....(okay...mostly its just to have me not do my Elvis Impersonations, but whateva)... anyway, glad your doing good, kid...
Kay - 2006-06-06 23:46:09
Ahhh one year already? Coolness. Happy Anniversary to the cutest Chickie Legged couple I know! ;) (ok..read)

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