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your siisstttttoooorrrrrrr - 2006-01-24 09:52:45
YEAH!! CONGRATULATIONS!! I am sooo happy for you... However, can you guys do it in Las Vegas? i really don't want to wear a dress... hahahaha
Jett - 2006-01-24 10:00:03
YYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So happy for Ms. Chickie-Legs and Mr. Chickie-Legs-to-be!!! Here's to the start of a WONDERFUL life together! Details! Details! Details! Bork! Bork! Bork! I need more exclamation marks!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Liz - 2006-01-24 10:01:01
Congratulations, Beth!!!
chickie legs - 2006-01-24 10:03:52
sorry my beautiful sister, you are my maid of honor, you have to wear a dress!! :)
Rae - 2006-01-24 10:08:43
Yay! Delurking today to say CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! YAY!!
ricky the left handed wonder - 2006-01-24 10:14:02
wow. congragulations ms. legs. or is it mrs. angel-legs?

i'm really happy for ya. he's one lucky fella... :)
Angel - 2006-01-24 10:18:11
Yes, it’s true. Somebody's getting married. I visited the folks last night, and I was a nervous wreck. 45 minutes later I am speeding on Highway 66. I climbed the castle walls and then I got on one knee after a kiss, I looked at her in the eyes and asked if she will be mine for life, and after a kiss she said Yes. As where or when is yet to be known, all I know now is this, I am so happy that she is it… I am reading this entry and I find my self singing it. I Love You Beth…
golfwidow - 2006-01-24 10:56:19
That's wonderful news!
Dr. Hardcrabg - 2006-01-24 11:07:23
My little girl grew up so fast!!! *sniff* Deepest Congrats! I'm and very happy for you! If sis won't wear a dress, I will..... ;-]
LJ - 2006-01-24 11:26:07
I hope this means you and Angel, and that you're not just pulling out legs. That just wouldn't be kind. OH, How Cool Is this!!!!!
MAK - 2006-01-24 11:27:14
Don't let anybody tell you different. It is official. I am so happy for you Chickie! I will come down and give you hugs later on.
cloudy - 2006-01-24 12:33:52
Holy crap! Big congrats! Give us the details, girl!
Molly - 2006-01-24 17:52:46
Happy fucking congratulations!!! And what an awesome way to announce it.
Joshua Allen Bennett - 2006-01-24 20:33:25
Congratulations Beth and Angel. I guess working on those silly 'Wedding Video' Projects back in the day will come in handy now ;) see everything happens for a reason
Bill - 2006-01-24 20:41:06
YES! That is great news! I am happy for both of you guys! Congratulations Angel and Beth!
WhoGettinMarriedHole - 2006-01-24 21:21:19
I don't get it. Why is everyone so excited that muppets are singing?
You'd think that people would be as smart as me and figure out that you're talking about you and Angel getting married. Heh, those dumbasses.
HOLY SHIT! Congrats!!!!
*biggest imaginable hug that Judd can summon first thing in the morning* (sans morning wood, of course)
Smoog - 2006-01-25 00:21:25
How typical of Juddhole to stick his morning wood into your wedding jingle.
Gary - 2006-01-25 02:38:28
Congratulations, Beth! Oh, and a belated Happy Birthday as well!
Special K - 2006-01-25 08:43:25
Hey is somebody getting married? Who?
brandy - 2006-01-26 17:06:27
hey, congrats to you Beth.. and I cant wait to see your sister in a dress, make her wear a nice frilly one. hahaha..
Laura - 2006-01-28 10:49:50
Awww! Congratulations to you and the future Mr. Chickie Legs! How wonderful!
a-f - 2006-01-28 10:52:45
india - 2006-01-29 22:39:39
congrats!! you give all us ladies hope that someday we can find an angel of our own!
Carter - 2006-01-30 08:58:30
soooo sweet

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