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ricky - 2005-10-06 17:15:37
You totally didn't update ....... I'm just saying .....

and I don't know whats wrong with my page. I can't see anything different about it ...... except I put up a new picture and stuff but that should just make it look better ...... you know, because I'm so damn good-looking and all..... j/k
chickie legs - 2005-10-07 09:37:12
I know I haven't written anything yet..I'm working on it. Just kinda 'out of it' lately. sorry :(
ricky - 2005-10-07 19:38:47
I was just kiddin ya, Mrs. Legs. It's all happiness and joy. If you take 3 months off or more, I'll still be around. Okay? And I hope you feel better. :)

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