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razor-vixen - 2005-08-20 22:06:15
Hey, skinny jeans, frickin' awesome!
LJ - 2005-08-21 00:12:56
What do guys know anyway? Big Time YAY for fitting into your skinny jeans!! I am totally envious. What gives though - I meet the dream boy of my life, get married and gain 25lbs! And darned if I can get them off. Congrats none-the-less
Bill - 2005-08-21 01:05:15
Not all guys are clueless when it comes to 'skinny jeans' - Congrats! And that pic is HOT! :-)
Carter - 2005-08-21 13:31:37
woohooo ,,, skinny-jeans
Dr. Hardcrab - 2005-08-21 17:28:12
Hey! I have 2 pair of skinny jeans that have been in my closet for 10 years waiting for my skinny ass to show up!!! (Not sure if it will or not). Way to go! How 'bout posting a ouple pics of you modeling the skinny jeans??? ;-]
MAK - 2005-08-22 10:19:41
I got me a couple of skinny skirts that I WILL NOT get rid of. I know damn well that I may not fit into them again. I need to go on the Chickie-Legs diet supreme. I am at the ballooning part (size 12) but i don't think I will ever fit into a size 7 like you Chickie. Nothing like your man being gone to motivate you to sit on your ass all night long. Hence the ballooning.
bethany - 2005-08-22 10:59:14
I am the opposite. When I am happy in love, I balloon up (currently at a size 10), but when I am heartbroken, I lose all sorts of weight. Since I am heartbroken as of last Wednesday... here's to hoping I can get back into my size six Silver jeans I paid $150 for in college. Hopefully by the time my 10 year high school reunion rolls around.
arc-angel666 - 2005-08-22 12:43:14
Hey congrats of the skinny Jeans! There's nothing quite like a happy surprise when it comes to weight. Congrats once again having your own Angel....Angels are good. By the way the ending of the Notebook actually was a good one. She remembers him and they leave this plane together...a perfect ending :-)
Gravis - 2005-08-22 15:07:35
oh i totally understand. i have been tortured by meds of my own and my dr who wouldnt let me off it but now im finally off. so i too have a quest of the pantitudical kind.
Jett - 2005-08-22 21:03:59
Those foils are HOT and I think they totally go with your zipper. You must wear them out sometime. Congrats on the jeans!!!
Ricky, the 80's flashback guy - 2005-08-22 23:21:42
I think I dated a girl back in the 80's who looked almost exactly like that. Only I'm pretty sure she was finished with her look though........
Alexis - 2005-08-25 02:30:48
Mitch Hedberg ref.! Awesome =)
ienjoycorks - 2005-08-28 23:44:26
remember me?
f-i-n - 2005-08-29 09:33:38
I love that hair picture!
chickie-legs - 2005-08-29 16:25:35
Matt-- I do remember you! Duh..add me to your myspace :)

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