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Ricky - 2005-08-15 07:21:40
Awesome beyond belief! :) Thanks. The checks in the mail...... ;)
Malthus - 2005-08-15 09:56:35
I like monkeys...
bethany - 2005-08-15 11:43:41
I think I might be in love with you.
gerg69 - 2005-08-15 14:11:20
Whatever you smoked...... don't hide, it divide it.
LJ - 2005-08-15 14:29:13
All 4 previous commentors stole my commenting ideas! :-)
chickie-legs - 2005-08-15 14:59:44
Man, I was SO close to deleting this right after I wrote it because it was so insanely ridiuclous. But I'm glad you guys appreciate my late late night ramblings of weirdness.. :)
Ricky - 2005-08-15 15:41:14
For the record, I love your late night ramblings. But that's just me.
MAK - 2005-08-15 16:41:21
I want a monkey. Preferrably one that I can battle in my home. Or maybe even go on a heist with. That would be awesome.
Halo Askew - 2005-08-15 19:08:33
Sadly, it's "Men's Wearhouse." Being from Houston, I grew up listening to George "I Guarantee It!" Zimmer. His ads were, oddly, the LEAST annoying of the bunch from cheesy stores in the area. I actually trusted him. I wanted to be a MAN so I could buy a suit from MEN'S WEARHOUSE. Ok, not really. But if I WAS a man I would've gone there. I guarantee it.
Jett - 2005-08-15 22:06:55
Oh, I'm DEFINITELY in love with you. (In a completely platonic girl-on-girl kinda way, of course.) Your craftsmanship of combining monkeys, turd, and semi-formal apparel is simply brilliant. "A laugh-out-loud, rip-roaring ride through the bizarre and fecally-crusted Maine outback." <-- You can use that one for the jacket copy. No charge.
Joshua Bennett - 2005-08-15 22:28:39
Zimmer...Zimmer... hey isn't that the last name of your uncle,grandfather or something?
CL - 2005-08-15 22:29:34
No, that's Zimmerman
Ryan O'Neil - 2005-08-16 01:42:27
Ever write a story about a man with little cash and big dreams? You seem to have a handle on Monkey stories quite well. I can see a character in your writing that has a uncanny way of finding monkees at banks, restaraunts and lots of places. Since you hated the notebook, I thought that wouldn't be much of a leap for your writing. Enjoy the rest of your summer and hb.
Ryan O'Neil - 2005-08-16 03:21:35
Time is Always Anything Except Usual (unfinished script concept) A story of chance encounters in life that come around more than once. It begins with a man named Ventura who has lived a life mostly in a cloud of an arranged path. The man walked away from his former life with an understanding that he had been cast out and was intruding in a place he was not wanted. Enter a girl, a bartender by night and a song writer & mime by day named Roury. An out of the ordinary combination by any means, but true never the less. This bartender had a problem though, because she was a mime, she could only use sign language to communicate what she was thinking and feeling. She had a random encounter with Ventura that was to say the least one of the most untold stories in history. For you see, Ventura had been addicted to a lifestyle that could best be described as an overactive libido, though not truly harmful, it stood in the way of his original path. For years, Ventura would spend endless hours searching the Hollywood lizard lounge Vegas showgirl acts and had let a good portion of his life pass him by. Ventura though was an out of the ordinary person and very misunderstood by those that never knew him. To most, Ventura was a silent and odd person, but in reality, he was quite because he knew things that few could ever know. One day, Rory approached Ventura without his knowledge and it puzzled the man because he knew that she was there, but she could say nothing at all because of her condition. Still, Ventura was not like any other, for he had a sense of clairvoyance that was developed from his life struggles and ordeals. It became an almost sixth sense to him and even when encountering this mime girl he could almost hear her words without a single voice being spoken. At first, Rory was advised that this man might be some kind of dangerous stalker or some reformed drug addict flashing through time and life. This was not the case, as she already knew, though he had made peace with those in his past who were owed an apology. Through his addictions, he had developed a sense of awareness that the experts would call a zone of sight. Rory on the other side of the spectrum was a girl who seemed to have the uncanny ability to communicate through her music. She could write a song that would leave listeners Marooned with it's lyrics. The irony though, is that she was a mime when it came to one on one discussions. Her one downfall, was that she had a debilitating skin condition that made her extremely allergic to cosmetics. Her condition was so severe that doctors would tell her to stay clear of anyone at the makeup counters in your above average department stores. So, here were two people with paths that could not be farther apart that crossed at a place and time that none could predict of even understand, not even the smartest of people would have predicted what would come. For you see, Rory, was the type of person who even though was basically mute went after things she wanted and she did it with an aggressiveness that could plant and slam a Hummer all-terrain vehicle down to the sand! Ventura on the other hand had one unique ability, he could always make people laugh, even at the smallest of jokes. And for Ventura, if he could do that, then he accomplished all that he needed to accomplish. One day Ventura came to Rory and said, I've got some bad news to discuss with you, I've been diagnosed with a fatal form of heart disease. The worst part about it, is that I'm not sure how much time I have left, I only know that my doctors say I would have to leap into a new for of surgery for any possibility of a cure. I had been on a list for transplant, but one of the local candidates stole the heart before I had a chance to sign up. Rory said, so this disease, is it anything to do with high cholesterol and have your tried eating more fruits, vegetables or sesame type things. Ventura said, well, my doctor gave me some advice, but only bits and pieces and I have for the most part been uniformed of where to find these types of remedies.......Rory kind of laughed and said, sounds like your some altered states experiment. Yeah, that would seem to be the case and sometimes at night I think maybe I had one smores too many. Rory then said, so, if I were a betting person what would you say the odds are of surviving this condition? Ventura said, well, to be totally honest, it seems to be against the odds. However, I've taken leaps before,even if when I landed I fell flat. Ventura smiled slightly, I've always been the fool, but that's because Say what I think, even when it gets me on the so@&* list. Rory turns to Ventura and says, what's the treatment they are recommending.........well, it's complicated, because its pricey at the least an out of the ordinary at the most. However the condition can be beat. I'm 98.sure that it could work, but that 2.5% difference is a drag! Wish I heard from my doctor that they were in at 100%, then I'd never look back. It's really up to me how to go forward, I'm tempted to just do it, though I have so much to consider before going that distance. Part of the problem, is that the doctors can't give a destination that makes senses and it looks like there are allot of similar candidates out there that are on their scientific list. Though they have suggested I get together with members of the staff to form more than an alliance. Rory turns to Ventura and says, so, what are you saying..........Well, I guess what I'm saying is that it really doesn't matter what the doctors and they say on my odds, if I succeed then I do, if I don't then at least I will have given someone a private laugh that they should never forget. I the best way to put it is that life is like a circle and it seems you keep coming to the same point over and over again. The problem I have is that though I know there are two joining points to that circle, one is never in sight...though it has passed before, too fast for words to explain. So I guess.....what I'm saying is yes, though I play the fool and may never get to that other point, it was always a destination I could see and no matter how things turn out, you should know that the things that motivate people in life come from the strangest of circumstances. Even if I do not join the other point to that circle, my experience and encouragement from a source that can't be seen will never be forgotten. When things go wrong in life or take a turn you do not expect, always think that there was one true thing out there that expected nothing and appreciated the timeless thought and endurance of one soul. Ventura turned toward the door no matter how things trun out a friend already saved a good portion of my life and for that I will always be greatfull. and he stepped through the door.
Special K - 2005-08-17 04:22:26
WHOA that last comment should win an award..or something for longest comment in the his-to-ry of Diaryland. Nuff said. ;)
CL - 2005-08-17 21:24:05
Ummmyeah I agree. Although I thoroughly enjoyed reading it.

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