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your sissstoorrrr - 2005-08-08 07:33:07
um... i don't get it
Malthus - 2005-08-08 07:40:52
Check out what's "new"? Isn't everything in that place an antique?
chickie-legs - 2005-08-08 09:29:59
ding ding ding malthus! yes, a lame joke (or mistake) but funny nonetheless. Amy, I'll excuse the fact that you didn't get it b/c you wrote that at 7:30 this morning..
your sisstoorrrrr - 2005-08-08 09:36:22
oohhh!! I get it now.. duh.. ok, i'm awake now. hahahaah...
Anne - 2005-08-08 10:14:52
Very funny! hehe
Ricky - 2005-08-08 18:16:39
So what you're saying is, it's funny, because it's an "Antique" store advertising "what's new"? Awesome. :)
chckie-legs - 2005-08-08 20:04:33
yes..I'm THAT lame...
Jett - 2005-08-08 21:10:51
Hilarious. I bet they did do it intentionally while toiling away in their boardroom as a Dr. Evil laugh was bellowed when the idea lightbulb turned on. Lots of nodding, rib poking, kudos spilling over... Ok, now I'M lame.
Joshua Allen Bennett - 2005-08-09 05:52:05
Actually I think it is a carefully placed photo... I think you guys simply cut off the whole name of store which of course is "Not So Much Antiques"
Ginger - 2005-08-09 10:33:43
And to top it all off, they had to UNDERLINE the word for emphasis. Ridonkulous!
Ricky - 2005-08-13 16:30:38
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