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reva - 2005-08-05 09:54:10
how are they so perfect jus at the point when we aren't? And no - you weren't over reacting - sad endings suck. if I wanted sad endings, I'd watch reality. I watch movies to remind me that sometimes things end up good, dagnabit!
Angel - 2005-08-05 10:04:06
There's nothing to be sorry about. you have a big heart, thatís why you get emotional with movies like that. But I will never want to tell you the ending to a movie. At some point you're gonna have to realize that I am not going anywhere. If youíre sad, I'll be there. If you are hungry, I'll cook you something. If youíre cold, I'll warm you up. And of course if you are in love, thatís because I am too.
SappyHole - 2005-08-05 10:24:57
I'm at work and you just made me sniffly.
NO, not your entry Bethie, your boy's comment above.
Damn you Angel, for those words, for those actions, and for meaning them.
Dude, I'm thinking I'd like to give you a hug... and I'm not even drunk.
xquzme - 2005-08-05 10:39:22
I haven't even *seen* it and I hate it. I'm with you. Fuck sad endings. And that one has an uber sad ending. Skip Million Dollar Baby, too, hon. Rememeber "The Champ"? Yeah. That brand of sad. Angel, you are a sweetheart and Beth, you deserve that kind of a guy.
Jett - 2005-08-05 11:30:17
Seriously...I'm smelling a big, fat pile o' true love here. It may be hard to accept or believe that there is someone who stands by you unconditionally, but I know from experience that it can happen. Even when I'm acting six or selfish (quite a bit lately, too...), he knows that it will pass and he knows that I love him. It is scary, though, isn't it? I truly wish you both all the happiness the world has to offer. I think you're great for each other, and thank you so much for baring your soul and sharing your experiences with all of us.
Dr. Hardcrab - 2005-08-05 17:51:30
I am so happy for you two! *SNIFF* Oh, and yes, THE NOTEBOOK SUCKED!!! ;-]
Ricky - 2005-08-05 18:19:07
I watched the Notebook because when my sister was telling me about it she started balling so I made fun of her and she bet me that I couldn't watch it without crying. I didn't cry for the record. I actually thought the ending was ok though. I wouldn't mind going out that way.

And yeah, what Judd said. Also, and this is just my ever so humble opinion, I think you should marry this Angel fella and have many babies with him...seriously...dangit. ;)
chickie-legs - 2005-08-05 19:44:47
Well, I guess thanks first of all to my sweetheart for his words. I told him online after he wrote that, that we should make a movie about us, and he said 'why? you'd cry the whole time'. And I said, 'yeah but it'd be a GOOD ENDING.'. And he said, 'yes, it will be. a very good one'. I also want to thank you guys, you all kick ass. its nice to have you all see first hand what I've been talking about :)
Mom - 2005-08-05 19:50:05
Thank you God for Angel!!!!!!!!
Jett - 2005-08-06 00:08:11
Aww, now see? Even moms approves!
Bill - 2005-08-06 18:51:53
As if it matters, I approve too. :-)
Joshua Allen Bennett - 2005-08-06 21:24:48
When I was attending college the Professor told us we could bring in the notebook so we don't have to remember all the math formulas to help us on the final... To this day I still don't understand how the DVD helped me pass... That Professor was a genius

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