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reva - 2005-07-11 10:53:15
I can't complain about the updating because I'm just too darn happy that you're happy. Rock on chickie:)
LJ - 2005-07-11 11:19:16
Well ... because your lack of writing is because of a new job and a man, I guess you can be forgiven. But remember - some of us just need a little Bethie to get through our D-land days!! Glad to hear your happy! :-)
Angel - 2005-07-11 11:49:35
I am blushing
bethany - 2005-07-11 16:15:30
i want a slurpee.
Bill - 2005-07-11 23:02:04
That's good news! Keep on having fun - but damn it update more often! :-)

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