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Ricky - 2005-06-02 18:07:15
Bummer. i love me some robots. Congrats on all the cool stuff going on. You're a rockin' chick who deserves good things.
Bill - 2005-06-02 18:48:59
I'm with Ricky - Robots are awesome. I demand robot pictures.

And of course I am with him on the cool chick part too.
Cloudy - 2005-06-02 18:49:23
very cool. I was never very good at those outline thingies, but you did well.
LJ - 2005-06-03 12:10:03
You might think you've covered the basics, but we want details baby!!! You can't skimp out on some of those titles, they're just to juicy!! I'm glad you are finally settling into you new job, and you don't have to report back into reception anymore. Blessings - LJ
chickie-legs - 2005-06-03 15:02:59
by the way, I will be updating this with more info, but I dont have internet/tv at my new apartment (whole nother story) (basically comcast sucks it hard). So I won't be able to write this whole weekend. So by next week I'll have like 10 pages worth of details..but this time I will include more info about the robot...which is going to KICK SO MUCH ASS YOU HAVE NO IDEA.

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