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Bill - 2005-05-30 19:28:37
Happy Memorial Day to you too. :-)
Ricky - 2005-05-30 19:50:15
I love it when you call me goober....... oh, that was probably inappropiate considering you're engaged huh? - Bad Ricky! ;) I know, and I apologize.
LJ - 2005-05-30 20:07:55
It is SOOOOO Cool!! That you get to start the new (although hardly unfamiliar) job tomorrow. It kinda feels like I'm watching my little girl go off to Kindergarten for the first time. Ahhhh..... Ok, maybe that's a bit sappy, but I am truly happy for you.
chickie-legs - 2005-05-31 09:39:25
thanks LJ!..I kinda feel like that too. Doesn't hurt that I still have the mind of a kindergarten..er..
...wait..I'm engaged? when did that happen Ricky?? As Angel will tell you 'goober' is one of the highest compliments I can give someone... once today is over I will write a re-cap on both today, the wedding I attended on Saturday and my very own "Meet the Parents" yesterday...
Angel - 2005-05-31 18:47:35
Yes, It’s true Goober is a word of positive notes, the true meaning is different. Most Southerners recognize the terms goober and goober pea as other names for the peanut. Goober is related to Kongo or Kimbundu n-guba, “peanut.” The word is especially interesting as one of a small stock of African language borrowings brought over by slaves. Most of these words have to do with the food items imported from Africa for the slaves to eat. In this category are gumbo, “okra,” which is of Bantu origin, and yam, which is of West African origin. The noun cooter is related to the Mandingo word kuta and the Tshiluba word nkudu, both meaning “turtle.” Cooter is still used in South Carolina, Georgia, and the Gulf states to denote the edible freshwater turtle of the genus Chrysemys and, by extension, other turtles and tortoises. Goobers is also a candy of some sort. So Goober is also pod of the peanut vine containing usually 2 nuts or seeds; `groundnut' and `monkey nut' are British terms for “Penut” “Earthenuts”, “Goober pea,” “Groundnuts” and of course “Monkeynuts” Even though I am sure that none of us what to be called “MonkeyNuts.” I assure you all that when Beth says (Correct me if I am wrong Beth) Goober is a her way of saying “your such a goofball but I like it.” This massage has been an inspired massage from the movie “Hitchhiker Guide to the Galaxy” thanks.
chickie-legs - 2005-05-31 19:03:07
dude is he the cutest thing or what?
chickie-legs - 2005-05-31 19:37:30
also, not sure if he cares that I mention it, but Happy Birthday Angel :)
Ricky - 2005-05-31 21:00:15
Cooter totally rocks on Dukes of Hazzard! Seriously, who do you think fixed up the General Lee after all those jumps? I'm just saying, it wasn't the Duke cousins or Daisy ............ yeah, it's sad that that's really the only pertinent information I know about life huh? Ok, then............
MAK to Angel - 2005-06-01 12:36:34
Ok, Sorry to tell you Angel, but I totally zoned out while reading your post. People start to give "definitions" and "meanings", then I feel I am back in middle school. :-) Oh, and happy birthday.
Joshua Allen Bennett - 2005-06-01 13:13:15
But if everyone is called a Goober then isn't the meaning lost? I remember when Beth first called me Goober upten years ago I felt special..now it has lost it's mustard...

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