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Gary - 2005-05-16 15:25:04
I went out and saw "The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy" on Saturday night myself and I really enjoyed the movie too. I read the entire "trilogy" earlier in the year and can tell you, if you like Monty Python style humor (fluctuating between smart and silly), you'll enjoy the books. The movie left out *a lot* of funny stuff, expanded the romantic stuff, and added a few new things, but I think it stands up well on it's own merit.
Joshua Allen Bennett - 2005-05-16 16:04:39
so what your saying is that when you stop worrying about writing the best entry ever created all the time, you moved up in the ranking? hmmmm funny how that works..... for once you stoped saying "I know" whenever I try to give advice and this time you actually followed it... crazy
Ricky - 2005-05-16 16:40:11
Ice Cream Judge! The perfect career. Do they have college courses for that?
bethany - 2005-05-16 17:51:10
I want to jump into that picture and scoop those furblals up and squeeze em and hug em and kiss em! And those cats are super cute too!
Bill - 2005-05-16 19:20:50
Congrats on being number two. :-)
Carter - 2005-05-17 11:35:07
your number two because your lovable and people enjoy your presence .. next stop is number 1
Peri - 2005-05-17 12:14:27
My grandma lives on some high storey in an apartment block, and she has a cat who has never fallen off the balcony. I think you're safe on that one.
wanda - 2005-05-17 12:53:49
in your friday the 13th entry to didn't wanna go into detail (too much anyways) about why your pondering your singledom and how to be in a relationship lately...does this 'angel' you speak of in today's entry happen to be a 'candidate' in your dating pool???? hmmmm, you've mentioned this 'angel' before too...or, is this perhaps a stripper friennd of yours and i'm waaaaay off...or is it your stripper!!!??? btw, kitties are a great idea.
wanda - 2005-05-17 13:10:14
meant to say...is it your stripper NAME...sheesh...perhaps i should read my entry before hitting the 'bug out' button...or, maybe you have a stripper of your very own (which my leaving off the 'name' part woulda suggested)...oh, and kitties and puppies are supasweet...but kitties are self-survivors and this is handy when you are young and on the go (you video production slate slapper, you).

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