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cloudy - 2005-05-13 15:38:37
YEA! Well-done! Brava! Bellisimo!!!
your sissstor - 2005-05-13 15:42:46
i love you, faults and all. no one is perfect anyway.
bethany - 2005-05-13 15:46:33
Hey, you'll get a lot of this, but I wanted to be the first to say ME TOO! Holy shit, that is me to a tee. I get annoyed so easily when I get settled into my 7 month comfort phase. I also get whiny, controlling and demanding. And I see myself do this. But I can't control it. But some of that has to do with my alcoholism. I am sure you have your reason as well.
LJ - 2005-05-13 16:11:22
I love you just the way you are Chickie! You write and express yourself anyway you want. You're not going to frighten me off that easy!
Ricky - 2005-05-13 16:49:54
Evil Chickie-Legs. Do you wear one of those glue on goatees? Like Evil Kirk and Spock from Star Trek?...cause that would be cool...... Wow, I am such a geek...... And yeah, all of us got issues going on. it's what makes us interesting. Well, it's what makes me interesting anyway, because I ain't got a lot going on otherwise....if it wern't for my faults I'd be mr. freakin rogers without all his charisma.....so..yeah.....what was my point again? Oh yeah, you're awesome in a total breakfast club kind of way.....
Odd old man - 2005-05-13 17:32:05
Knowing how you are leads to the path of who you are, and your self understanding will eventually lead to a mate that, even I will like, will be be the "One"...or is that Jet Li? Whatever, I love seeing you grow. (Period)
chickie-legs - 2005-05-13 17:34:37
lol thanks Dad :) My goal IS to have my father approve of my boyfriend...although I think it did happen at least once before...?? THAT's the bottom line.
Joshua Allen Bennett - 2005-05-13 22:42:14
I have been trying to crunch some numbers here and figuring out how many relationships that ever existed since the beginning of time and NOT ended up in a breakup... The fact is you can't go into a releationship fearing the breakup, chances are a breakup Will occur, it is sort of like living life fearing death... if you do that you never enjoy life and you will never enjoy the relationship and the time you spend with someone else as you go on adventures,share memories together... so simply forget about how you might effect someone and focus on how they effect you... since day one I wanted to hang out with you.. sure you have your faults, I have mine, but we both look past them and personally I still have a blast everytime we hang out, even nine (9) plus years since the first day we met,... anyone who has known you long enough understands this, don't question why but rather embrace it and accept it ;)
Bill - 2005-05-13 23:05:16
Thanks for the update... :-)
Ricky - 2005-05-13 23:48:01
Hmmmmmm..... that Joshua is one smart fella.....and yet i'm still unable to load his page - why is that? Yet another mystery to ponder.
Gary - 2005-05-14 02:04:30
I enjoy you and your blog, B-Mo, no matter if you're posting funny stuff or just your honest thoughts and feelings. 100 Helens agree: it's all good (sorry, Kids In The Hall reference). I like the change too. I'm glad to you've stopped hiding so much of yourself. Now we get the *real* Chickie Legs experience ;)
Beth - 2005-05-14 14:23:41
you go girl, sound like you have it all together.
Gary - 2005-05-14 18:24:35
Crap. It's "30 Helens agree". Isn't 36 too young to be going senile?
chickie-legs - 2005-05-15 11:07:15
thanks Joshie...that was very sweet. We have known each other for a very long time, and it says a lot about us that we continue to be friends through all the shit we've been through, and seem to pick up 'where we left off' several times.. I hope that continues forever.. Ricky, not sure why you can't see his page.. it always works for me on either my mac or pc..?? Gary I dont know that KITH reference so it mind as well be 100 Helens... =)
Ricky - 2005-05-15 11:29:49
By the way, I meant to say but didn't that I wish you the best in whatever it is you're looking for. And that for the most part I understand the tendancy to screw up relationships. Realizing of course that I only "know" you through electronic by-ways, I can't imagine you not finding the perfect guy for you. When it does happen, I will probably be a bit jealous (as I'm sure a lot of the guys who come here will be) but I will more than anything be happy for you. You deserve a great guy and I would think just being able to be around you would be well-worth the anger, jeaolous things.....and when i'm old and gray, living in the single mens' retirement home in Tampa Florida, reading about you and you're grandkids in People magazine, I'll probably kick myself quite a bit.... anyway, just wanted to say good-luck, which I guess I could have by just saying it, but I'm weird and like to write books instead of quick hellos...... geez, I'll give you 50 dollars to delete this one. :)

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