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Jett - 2005-05-03 12:10:37
Hellllss yeahhhh, indeed! I admire the one-armed skills. Most people of inferior dexterity would crumble as the weight and shakiness of their arm took over them.
Bill - 2005-05-03 12:56:16
That's damn cool. The one armed slating skill pictures made it worth the wait! :-)
Bill - 2005-05-03 12:58:11
and cool new pic up top - I like how you made it pink and everything. and the 'young beth' look makes it seem as if you are going back to your roots.
Ricky - 2005-05-03 18:43:43
I have nver seen anybody look as cool as you leaning against a pole and chewing 'tobacco". Awesome.

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