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MAK - 2005-04-13 17:06:34
Thats amazing because I had an allergic reaction last month after I scraped my knee on the sidewalk.(Yes I actually DID scrape my knee... pure talent) But afterwards, my eye started to get really itchy and and fingernails fell off. Do you know what disease it might be?
chickie-legs - 2005-04-13 17:07:55
yes, that is called youclumsafadorkotisis. It's rare, but common. Come down to my desk and I'll give you the anti-viral formula. STAT.
Nurse Xquzme - 2005-04-13 17:53:29
Pick me pick ME! I LOVE "House"! And get this, CL -- Hugh Laurie is a BRIT. I'm always completely wowed when a brit does American twang well. (But... are we that easy to imitate?!) I'm a fellow addict. And no, you don't have endro-exto-periodonic-ensepholitus, k? Have a little more NyQuil. That's my girl.
Jason - BAMF - 2005-04-13 17:57:40
Don't you DARE talk about the OC like that!
chickie-legs - 2005-04-13 18:00:31
dude it's called THE oc!! THE ?? oc??? If it was 'Orange County' that's one thing but 'THE Orange county?' that's just calling for me to hate it. I was never a '90210' person, so that's what this show seems to be.
-THE Chicki-Legs
The Gary - 2005-04-13 22:04:18
Hugh Laurie was very funny in the Blackadder series too (you can still catch them on BBC America sometimes), I'd highly recommend then to anyone who hasn't seen them... I hope you get well soon, B-Mo.
Joshua Allen Bennett - 2005-04-14 02:13:10
the funny thing is Hugh Laurie was in the movie "Flight of the Phonix" and if I remember correctly he played a rich Brit.. and I thought to myself...man he sucks at the british accent... now who is up for some tea and crumpets?
chickie-legs - 2005-04-14 10:03:52
dude he's hot, in a non conventional sort of brit, not a brit, smart-ass way, which I guess is actually pretty conventional. But yeah I can dig it.
LJ - 2005-04-14 19:53:36
I really like that show House too. Except its up against another show I like more, so I rarely get to see it. I'm a HUGE fan of Hugh Laurie. He was hilarious in Black Adder. I just love those brits. Glad to see you're feeling well enough to update. I was beginning to worry! :-)LJ
Ricky - 2005-04-15 00:29:53
By the way, did I mention that I'm glad your not dead?
Joshua Allen Bennett - 2005-04-15 13:11:11
Yea I know House is on right when "The Office" is on... one of my other new favorite shows... thank god for Tivo
chickie-legs - 2005-04-15 13:17:00
Yeah I am also having the issue with the Office/House issue, ..there's a joke in there somewhere...mmm yeah.
ricky - 2005-04-15 16:19:39
I know I'm kind of slow and all, but I just can't seem to find your email address anywhere to email that to ya. It's gonna be right on the page somewhere huh?
Joshua Allen Bennett - 2005-04-15 21:03:01
Well last week The Office actually repeated on Thursday (before Apprentice)... they might do the same thing next week...anyway... at least we can thank god that revalations isn't on Tuesdays as well.... get it..."Thank God"..."revelations"....man where do I come up with this stuff :)

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