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RedXHole - 2005-03-21 15:39:19
Allow me to revel in the fantasy that you are actually missing pictures of yourself...
And I have them.
(Notice I didn't actually say what kind of pictures. See? I'm gettin' better.)
Smooches sweets.
Cloudy - 2005-03-21 16:22:40
ha! The red X photo banditt! Damn him! I had to reload mine from the last 2 months, which only took me about 2.5 hours, YEAH!
Rick - 2005-03-21 17:47:18
Oh ... so your the Sheriff of D-land.....
Malthus - 2005-03-22 19:47:45
C-Legs, Haaaarrrr, Matey. Don't worry about my format - eh, you're doing me the favor, so if you get to it...BONUS! You know, I was doing a google search on something, lord knows what, and D-Land came up. That's how I found it - totally by accident. BTW, thanks for giving me props on my writing. I need all the props I can get in my old, decrepid state. WORD.

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