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JuddHole - 2005-03-01 18:10:40
Good News?!?!
Am I pregnant?
Um... cause that's not "good" news, babydoll.
Uh... unless it's YOURS, that is, coz me loves you and alla that.
Ricky - 2005-03-01 18:18:51
For some reason I just had a very bad visual ....... so wrong, so very, very wrong ....
MAK - 2005-03-01 18:39:21
I love good news.... I hate being patient! Tell us Tell us!!
chickie-legs - 2005-03-01 19:15:32
I can't tell what hasn't happened yet...and I have a feeling this entry will forever be known as 'jinx'
Malthus - 2005-03-01 20:24:43
Oooohhh...I better not say anything about a promo...
LJ - 2005-03-01 23:21:40
It appears you have a little too much David on your hands ... ah ... I mean .... TIME. Yes - Time on your hands. My eyesight will never be the same again? Or at least I'll never view David Hasselhoff the same way again. That's probably a good thing.
Bill - 2005-03-02 01:05:37
I will be sending all of my friends that hellish link on your page... Thanks for the laugh.
Ricky - 2005-03-02 04:06:42
You know, first with the whole visual of Judd getting pregnant by you and now a crotch shot of David Hasselholf, I may never sleep again .....
bethany - 2005-03-02 12:34:29
Thanks for giving me the closest chance I'll ever have to get into Hasselhoff's pants.
scizott - 2005-03-02 22:50:22
you know,...it's tomorrow...
Bill - 2005-03-03 13:48:35
It's now the day after tomorrow... Hmm, maybe that's why it's so cold... Nah, it's probably just winter. Damn Groundhog.
Phantom - 2005-03-03 14:33:47
Oopsie daisy.
Confucious - 2005-03-03 17:47:01
Tomorrow, today will be yesterday.

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