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Ricky - 2005-02-22 01:20:18
So what your saying is, that this ipod pi thing cost almost 40.00 dollars and only hold 3 songs? That's just crazy. Silly Apple. Always trying to make a buck. :)
Bill - 2005-02-22 01:24:33
I've read enough of your comment sections - and enough of Ricky's entries to know what you are talking about... Thanks for making Beth put the post back up Ricky... :-)

and for the record, I'm a fan of the ipod pi concept too.
Bill - 2005-02-22 01:39:43
and nice job on the artwork too... Really. You are talented!
Beth - 2005-02-22 09:25:39
Beth again - 2005-02-22 10:42:24
hey, question: does anybody actually get these ?? I wasn't sure if they were lost references.
Bill - 2005-02-22 10:51:35
You are welcome and I can't speak for everyone, but I got 'em.
LJ - 2005-02-22 11:42:44
You know, once in a blue moon I entertain the thought of getting an iPod, but then I think back the my first "Walk-man". Yes, I said "walk"man. You know, the good old fashioned cassette player that weighed at least 5 pounds. Then I wanted a disc-man, but I was forever running out of battery power. Now, it's all I can do to remember to find a radio station on the internet to listen to while I'm sitting here. I am SO behind in the times. :-( LJ
Judd - 2005-02-22 12:36:38
I can be pretty dense, so I always wonder if I'm really "getting" what I'm supposed to be getting.
But, as usual, you entertained me, and I lovers you Bethie-baby like a grasshopper loves his chaw.
Ricky - 2005-02-22 13:41:21
Honestly? I had to look up Kubrick. Clockwork Orange right? See, I'm smarter than I look....... but other than that I thought it was all extremely not-lost on me. :) Your ticked at me now right?
Beth - 2005-02-22 13:47:20
hmm no body knows clockwork orange inside and out like me?? what about the einstein?? mmm I'm not mad, just surprised I guess. If you watch Clockwork Orange you'll see that they 'brain wash' the main character from being violent by playing beethoven while watching violent scenes. They also gave him a drug that makes him physically ill. Thus later when hearing beethoven or witnessing/or acting violent he gets physically ill. In the beginning of the movie he sings 'singing in the rain' while raping /murdering a woman... it's a good movie, I swear. The other one is Einstein. I should have put iPod E=mc2, but I couldn't think of anything funny to put with that, so I put 'pi' so I could use the '3.14' songs joke. I feel really lame explaining all this lol. oh well. at the very least, maybe you guys will watch clockwork orange! :)
Ricky - 2005-02-22 13:57:42
Sounds like a great date movie ...... and i didn't get the Pi joke because well, I suck at math.

But see, arn't you glad you put it up now? I'm learning all this new stuff. It's like school, only with pictures.
Beth - 2005-02-22 14:03:27
lol..ok well as long as you guys get it now, I guess... ricky did you watch donnie darko? I will assign you a movie a week, and you'll have to report back to me. you have no choice. this week is either donnie darko or clockwork orange.
Ricky - 2005-02-22 14:35:14
Ok then. Clockwork looks like it has alot of clowns in it and clowns scare me so I guess I'll watch Donnie Darko. But I think just to be fair, I get to assign you a movie too. So my pick for you is Lonestar State of Mind. :)
Beth - 2005-02-22 14:42:38
oh I see how it is, you get two choices and I get one... Donnie darko is an excellent film. Due to the 9/11 tragedies and the sensitivity of the nation at the time, the film made an early retirement to video when it was released in 2001 due to a plane crash small-plot. Since then it has become a major cult-hit. This month a new 'director's cut' edition came out that basically re-invented the film. It has been suggested that newbies to the film watch the first version, and then the second. Out of 35 stars, I give it a 34.
Ricky - 2005-02-22 14:57:48
Ok then, Your other choice is South of Heaven West of Hell with Dwight Yoakum. It's kind of distrubing and a little slow but good, assuming you like dark westerns.

So I should watch the first one and then watch the directors cut? there arn't any clowns in it right?
Beth - 2005-02-22 15:00:40
well first of all, there aren't any clowns in Clockwork Orange, not that I remember anyway. Where do you see clowns?? Second, at the minimum just watch the first one. Then we can discuss your theories on it. It is set in northern virginia (coincidently) (where I live) in the 1980's. Which automatically means the soundtrack is kick ass. It deals with love and time travel. Oh hells yes. Time travel.
Ricky - 2005-02-22 15:14:37
I could of sworn there were clowns in it. but this guy does look what I picture future clowns will resemble when they decide to come out of the closet and embrace the mass murderer that they all know they are
And yeah, I like me some Time Travel too.
P - 2005-02-22 18:57:21
The only thing I don't get.... if the iPod Pi fits in your ear? What the hell are those ear phones connected to?
B - 2005-02-22 20:47:04
yeah remember that was the whole point, I didn't get it either. .I didn't make these things! blame apple...and my inability to think straight when I 'found' it..whatever. pfft
scizott - 2005-02-22 22:35:03
hey kids,...i realize this is in no way related to your discussion of imaginary ipods,.....me and some member of my fablous jazz ensemble had to go up to WRC in DC this past saturday to film the "It's Acadmic" show. I met Pat Buchanan and Tim Russert in the hallway. Then I almost got us all kicked out since they store the "Meet the Press" set in the wings during the show we were doing,...so I had to go sit in Russert's chair (sadly I had no camera) so if you are bored on Sat March 5th at 10am and you live in/around DC watch Channel 4 and watch me look confused as I try to figure out what camera to look into.
Beth - 2005-02-23 09:05:39
hey scott, kick ass. we got to do that in high school, with the marching band. good times. Didn't meet Tim or Pat though...I can't believe they are still doing that show. I didn't know that dude was still alive!
Ricky - 2005-02-23 19:37:38
Heya, I watched Donnie Darko and all I have to say is ... what the...? So I went and bought the Directors cut now and am planning on taking notes this time. but it was a good movie. Just so you know though, the movie's I reccomended arn't anywhere near that interesting or complex.
Beth - 2005-02-23 20:18:58
yeah you kinda have to watch it a few times, take notes, listen to the documentary and talk to cool cats like me :) glad you uh liked it?

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