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CupidHole - 2005-02-14 10:53:17
Whaddya say we rent "Die Hard," order some wings, crack open a beer, and take turns shooting them little candy hearts with my BB gun?
Hey, don't laugh, I'm a helluva shot.
If we was all nekkid, your feelings on this particular day would perk up, yes? (or at least your nip... shit... forgot yer family reads this... disregard)
Bill - 2005-02-14 11:01:50
Amen Beth. Amen.
LJ - 2005-02-14 12:15:52
I hear ya sister!!! (and I'm married) Lets ALL head down to Dairy Queen or Baskins and Robbins together and get on the sugar-high together!!!!
beth - 2005-02-14 12:24:16
let's do it!! all about the carvel, baby.
invisibledon - 2005-02-14 12:37:08
indeed it does I'm all for hunting down the winged cherub and shooting him with his little arrows but who has that time
keepergirl - 2005-02-14 12:59:01
I hate V-Day too. Why can't people just accept that and leave me alone about it? <>
Mare - 2005-02-14 15:04:54
Ain't that the truth.
Bill - 2005-02-14 15:22:42
Damn, it just occurred to me - being at the receptionist desk you have to deal with everyone else's flower and candy deliveries all freaking day long. That really does suck. Sorry.
beth - 2005-02-14 15:25:35
ding ding ding!!!
candora - 2005-02-14 15:25:43
well, love to you anyway, cuz I've gotta send it somewhere or I'll explode and your deserve it... :)
Bill - 2005-02-14 15:58:35
If it were earlier, and I knew where you worked, I'd send you a special valentines treat. It would be okay to send you a stripper to your work, right? :-)
Beth - 2005-02-14 16:01:42
but of course, never too late for at-work strippers!!
Bill - 2005-02-14 16:03:23
Cool! she's bringing her own pole and everything. :-D
Bill - 2005-02-14 16:05:43
I guess I forgot to mention the stripper was a girl, huh? If it's any consolation, she has to bring a guy for security purposes - and to hold the boom box. Maybe he will do a little dance for you too.
Beth - 2005-02-14 16:11:35
Bill - 2005-02-14 16:18:30
Dang, I can't get ANYTHING right today.
Lani - 2005-02-14 16:24:30
Red and pink everywhere...rawr, I'm so much more of a purple and blue girl. Love to those who have Valentines, but for the sake of the rest of us, please do your lovey-dovey stuff quietly. =/
mom - 2005-02-14 16:33:45
I'm saving you a chocolate chip Cheryl's cookie. They are the best!!! Love you!!!
Beth - 2005-02-14 16:35:44
thanks mom!! what do you mean A though???
Jett - 2005-02-14 16:51:27
Hahaaa... you should love this site, Beth. My friend Liz (got me hooked on your site) sent it to me today. If you have some ice cream, be sure to have a scoop for me! :o) http://www.meish.org/vd/
beth - 2005-02-14 17:06:58
JETT you rock. that site kicks it.
FooManChew - 2005-02-14 17:27:26
You love her But she loves him And he loves somebody else You just can't win And so it goes Till the day you die This thing they call love It's gonna make you cry I've had the blues The reds and the pinks One thing for sure (Love stinks) Love stinks yeah yeah (Love stinks) Love stinks yeah yeah (Love stinks) Love stinks yeah yeah (Love stinks) Love stinks yeah yeah Two by two and side by side Love's gonna find you yes it is You just can't hide You'll hear it call Your heart will fall Then love will fly It's gonna soar I don't care for any casanova thing All I can say is Love stinks (Love stinks) Love stinks yeah yeah (Love stinks) Love stinks yeah yeah (Love stinks) Love stinks yeah yeah (Love stinks) Love stinks yeah yeah I've been through diamonds I've been through minks I've been through it all Love stinks (Love stinks) Love stinks yeah yeah (Love stinks) Love stinks yeah yeah (Love stinks) Love stinks yeah yeah (Love stinks) Love stinks yeah yeah
Bethi - 2005-02-14 17:38:28
who wrote this? It looks like it's from someone at work...??
I'm Not Bitter (yes I am) - 2005-02-14 18:26:59
Okay, I love my sister, so I'm going to do this... CupidHole- Way to be senstitive... nothing says 'feel better' than offering a pretty girl nachos and beer. Way to go champ. PS- you're not getting naked with my sister. InvisibleDon- We can all see you... AND! punctuation if fun! Keepergirl- Happy Valentine's Day! Which way you going, though? Mare- ?????. Bill- You and CupidHole should get together and start a club. If I were in the club, I'd recommend calling it "The We're Obvious, Insensitive Jerks Club" Bill- Seriously, man, no. Lani- So you like being punched and bruised? Odd. Mom- Thanks mom, I'd love one!... oh wait... FooManChew- Actually, that was good. And I like your beard. Beth- I love you!! Screw hallmark, I'll tell you every day. I'd buy you a card everyday too, but I have no money. Hope your day didn't suck as much as mine....
Beth - 2005-02-14 19:00:07
Patch: you're a goober and I love you. Don't beat up my buds though Judd and Bill are my boyz. And that's with a 'z' which means they're extra, boyzey. also, I love it when you write comments, you make your big sister proud. And now I will message you on IM, so this comment is pointless. But now everyone can see how retarded we are...
Ricky - 2005-02-14 20:34:27
Heya Beth, sorry I'm so late with this but it was a long day for classes. Anyway, this for you ..... because I think your swell and I don't want your brother to beat me up although i think that makes for a good brother. I hope this works. If not, delete this and I'll send it to ya. ok?:)

Beth - 2005-02-14 21:14:26
good lord that's the sweetest thing ever!! Ricky you're such a sweetheart thanks so much!! best sad..day..ever haha :)
Bill - 2005-02-15 00:02:42
Damn, didn't mean to get on your brother's bad side, but on the upside, I am proud to be called one of your boyz. I hope the day got better.
Ricky - 2005-02-15 00:06:44
Hey ......... your welcome.
Beth - 2005-02-15 00:48:28
don't worry about it bill, he doesn't understand our relationship... my brother is even more sarcastic than I am, which I'm sure you all didn't think was possible... he has good intentions, I swear :)
LJ - 2005-02-15 14:02:39
I've decided . . . Aunty LJ has spoken . . . Big Sis speaks her mind . . . Beth - you and Ricky have got to get together! I don't care how you do it, but you two have GOT to meet!!! There is chemistry there! I can feel it ... a mother/sister/aunt knows. AND I'll sit down with your brother Beth, and have a nice heart to heart talk. I'm not afraid of him!
Heather - 2005-02-15 20:54:17
Holy 31 comments to think Im leaving you 32. Just stopping by cause I clicked on your through diaryland top 100. Just saying hi.
Ricky - 2005-02-15 23:31:17
That was awesome. Thank you. I love that song, but I never cry .......... really ......

LJ, don't think I've never thought about it ...... I just don't think I could compete with her fan base. It'd be like dating Julia Roberts .... uh .... uh...... what was my point again?
NOT CupidHole Anymore - 2005-02-16 15:30:41
Bethie-baby, yer bro's absolutely right.
I AM an insensitive jerk.
I totally should've offered you Nachos instead of Wings.
P.S. You want to tell 'im we've already BEEN naked together, or should I?
Beth - 2005-02-16 15:41:15
Let's call it even and give me both wings and nachos..throw in some ice cream too. dammit now I'm hungry... my brother doesn't need to know the details other than that.

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