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LJ - 2005-01-18 11:50:09
I had almost the exact same experience at the dentist last week (I forgot to write about it). I'm very thankful that my dentist is very gentle, not to mention - very nice eye-candy - OH NO, I feel a cavity coming on . . .
scizott - 2005-01-18 23:42:56
that sucks,..i'm sorry,....but.... Happy Birthday!
Beth - 2005-01-18 23:44:02
thanks! you coming sat?
Kipp - 2005-01-19 00:18:51
I have the best dentist ever, I'm sorry to say. Iranian ex-patriot. Too bad he's in Philly. Good luck with all your work.
Ricky - 2005-01-19 01:48:12
Heya Ms. Beth.
Um, so thought i'd be the first to wish you a happy birthday.
Your gift is waiting here
There should be a flash thingy there. I put it together kind of fast so if it's not working let me know.
Anyway, there you go.
Beth - 2005-01-19 09:15:03
Oh..my Lord that was the coolest thing ever! Totally made me laugh out loud!! Thanks so much!! lol. I had a rough night too, so that definitely made me feel better. thanks ricky :) :) :)

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