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JuddHole - 2004-12-23 01:43:24
Congrats on 12 percent, Bethie-baby.
I'll be thinking of you when I'm sliding down your chimney in a few nights.
And by "sliding down" I mean "drinking excessively" and by "your chimney" I mean... um... "your chimney?"
Speaking of drinking excessively...
beth - 2004-12-23 01:45:22
I'm not who else you would be thinking of when you slide down my chimney ... but it's good to know anyway..and if my parents are reading this. there is absolutely no other meaning behind these statements. NONE.
beth - 2004-12-23 01:49:52
p.s. you deserve 12% a whole lot more than I do...
Bill - 2004-12-23 09:17:03
Congrats on the 12% - very cool. I am also a fan of your evil Mary Hart photo. I hear she is actually the love child of Zsa Zsa Gabor and Satan.
LJ - 2004-12-23 12:48:05
Congratulations on your nomination. Who wouldn't love you site after one look (I love that picture!!!) and one read. Well done!! You deserve the unique offer!
Bill - 2004-12-23 13:55:43
Hey - did you JUST put the santa hat on your head? Looks good!
Beth - 2004-12-23 13:57:49
No, I actually did it a few days ago..thanks for noticing ;)
Alexis - 2004-12-23 14:23:30
OOOh I am so glad that someone else hates that annoying overstock.com chick...I always feel the deep seeded urge to put on golf shoes and kick her in the box! Shared hated of random t.v. personalities really gets me in the holiday sprit. :)
Bill - 2004-12-23 14:45:23
Yeah, I am observant that way (and if you couldn't tell, I am also really busy at work today.)
Beth - 2004-12-23 14:46:58
:) oh I wasn't being sarcastic by the way..I meant it, no one else has said anything about it yet haha :) why so busy??
Bill - 2004-12-23 15:30:18
I actually was being sarcastic... :) We had about 20 inches of snow hit town over the last 30 hours... I had to be here today, but all of my employees and the other departments didn't (seems fair, right?) So I decided that today was going to involve much more personal internet time than usual. What can I tell you, I am an f-in' rebel.
Bill - 2004-12-23 15:31:59
Did you notice my use of italics there? I had a great teacher. :) (and that ain't sarcasm)
Beth - 2004-12-23 15:32:54
awww you're too nice awesome to me :) haha :)
Bill - 2004-12-23 15:40:14
Hey - how do you do the strikethrough? You've been holdin' out on me! :)
Beth - 2004-12-23 15:41:16
do the same < > thing but put the word "strike" and at the end do the backslash and "strike" again..same concepts except you write the whold word out!
Bill - 2004-12-23 15:42:20
I am doing my part to try to get you to 100 comments for this entry...

I am headed out to finish my Christmas shopping now. (I also decided that since no one else is here, I get to leave early.) Wish me luck!
Beth - 2004-12-23 15:43:20
haha 100 would be cool.. good luck! I bought everything online and half hasn't arrived yet! Wish me luck on not going out and killing these people!!!
Bill - 2004-12-23 15:44:31
Thank you a lot very much. hehehe. You're cool the best. :)
(19) Bill - 2004-12-23 15:45:40
Good luck!
wiggie - 2004-12-23 15:46:03
Being that your diary IS so awesome, it should have 100+ comments. So...did anyone get killed?
Beth - 2004-12-23 15:47:16
not yet... YET I say. They have by the end of tomorrow to deliver all presents to me. So I can distribute them to my loved ones. How are you doing Wiggie? Happy almost 27th Birthday!!
wiggie - 2004-12-24 01:02:31
An order I placed online for Christmas was backordered late...7 weeks after Christmas. Must...murder... I'm doing well, and yourself? I'm looking forward to another year of "oh, it's your birthday? I'm too hung over from last night to care. Here, have a sweater I got off the clearance rack from the after Christmas sale". Woo!
Bill - 2004-12-24 02:12:21
Beth and Brian, I hope you both get your presents in time. If not, well then that sucks.

Happy Birthday Brian!

Merry Christmas to all, and to a good night!
beth - 2004-12-24 02:16:22
FYI his birthday is the new year :) p.s. impressed that I remembered wiggie?
(25) Bill - 2004-12-24 02:40:01
Hey, we're a quarter of the way to 100! C'mon people - help a Bethie out.

Beth, my birthday is July 13th. Let's see how you do with that one. :)

I have found that I really have been using the :) a lot recently...
Bill - 2004-12-24 02:43:40
Beth, are you going home for the holidays? You don't have to work tomorrow, do you?
Beth - 2004-12-24 02:45:46
I'm going 'home' yes..luckily the family is only an hour away or so..and I have not only TOMORROW off, but ALL NEXT WEEK! My company kicks ass..this time of year is pretty slow for us... p.s. my birthday is Jan 19th and I will be 26. OH MY LORD . start saving now for my presents
Beth - 2004-12-24 02:46:40
after christmas I might have to adjust my 'wish list' FYI. but plasms tv's are always welcome. are you going somewhere for the holidays?
Bill - 2004-12-24 03:07:02
Jan 19th? Interesting. Not sure why, but interesting nonetheless. :)

I am off tomorrow, Monday, and Tuesday. Wednesday I leave for Manila. Twenty hours on a plane is not going to be fun.

I'll be in Manila on your birthday. Since it's 13 hours ahead of you, technically I will beat you to your birthday.
Bill - 2004-12-24 03:09:58
My family lives in Cincinnati with me, so other than my sister's house and my aunt's house, I am staying here.

Speaking of Christmas, before I fall asleep I am going to wrap a couple of the ten million presents I bought today. Have a great day tomorrow and a Merry Christmas! Will you be on the computer while you are your parent's house?
Beth - 2004-12-24 03:26:34
but of course, I have no life..I won't be there that long..hopefully...goodnight and merry christmas to you!! (and everyone else reading this for God knows what reason)
wiggie - 2004-12-24 11:25:45
How DID you remember that? :) Manila? Merry Christmas everyone! (or as someone emailed me this week, and has gotten stuck in my head since...) Merry Crimbo everyone!
Gravis - 2004-12-25 00:37:12
speaking of sliding down chimneys...

JuddHole - 2004-12-27 16:03:45
Shitfingers, I always forget that you have "proper" people that read these comments too.
I always swear I'll lay off the innuendo, but I never seem to, do I?
I mean it this time.
No more innuendo.
I swear.
I'm not hinting at all about wanting you naked and covered in Maple Syrup. Nope.
No more subliminal (naked) messages (naked) either (naked naked).
Hope your New Year is... um... New?
beth - 2004-12-27 17:31:10
it's all good! my folks don't go back and read them, Ido'nt think..and if they do oh well! hope your new year's is grand as well! yes GRAND I say
Jason Leary - 2007-12-19 22:07:38
It is a beautiful sight to see someone apparently denouncing that evil , degenerate yuppie show titled 'Entertainment Tonight' hosted by the Queen of the Vapid and Supercillous : Mary Hart . One knows that the mass media has well nigh become a cesspool of repectible mediocrity, depravity, and mindlessness---when the death and rape of an innocent child (like Jon Benet Ramsey) becomes portrayed as lurid entertainment with all the attendent latent excitement /voyerurism of the pedophile activity (Ghastly!) on Entertainment Tonight, Extra and excetera . The fiendishly vapid yuppie subculture (with its ungodly , puerile media spectacles that exploit the murder of children) is ultimately a worse threat to what's left of American civilization that Islamicist terrorists from ther Middle East are or could be . Mary Hart either repent or fade from sight or both !

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