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BigPimpinMBA - 2004-12-14 11:29:53
Are you supposed to put money in that bank? I figure that the slot would seal itself shut and I wouldn't want the money that would come out of there anyway.
Andy - 2004-12-14 11:30:01
I vote for the leg lamp. I've been bugging my wife for years for that bad boy.
JuddHole - 2004-12-14 11:48:15
If an albino bowler can get an action figure of himself made, I figure there's still time before Christmas to come out with...
The JuddHole Action Figure.
He wears a kilt, drinks beer, scratches, and flirts shamelessly with a certain eye-patched action figure, the divine Miss Chickie Legs.
I'll call Todd MacFarlane, you get the mockups together, we'll make millions.
chickie-legs beth - 2004-12-14 11:50:17
sounds like a plan. we can live in the JuddHole/ChickieLegs mansion complete with indoor 'ball room' (like chuckie cheese balls, not THOSE balls) and twisty slide.
Shannon - 2004-12-14 13:00:21
I like the pregnant mother key-chain. A little disturbing, a little too comical...exactly my sort of taste. So now I have to ask, where the Hell can I get one of those??
Beth - 2004-12-14 13:22:00
I'm not one for giving up my secrets, but here is the link to where these awesome gifts are: http://www.wonderfullywacky.com/bizarre.htm (you're welcome)
chickie-legs Beth - 2004-12-14 13:23:19
here's a clickable one for those who are copy/paste inept: http://www.wonderfullywacky.com/bizarre.htm
xquzme - 2004-12-14 13:44:55
Oh, honey, be prepared to get bombarded -- I think this will make it's way around the internet a la Dusty's Album cover fiasco. I want to send it to a bunch of people -- is that okay? I mean, do you care if people snoop around your diary? Wait. What am I saying?! Still, I'll wait to get your okay. Still learning Diarletiquette... This is too good not to share! P.S. Can I be Midge, your red headed girlfriend who drives a pink convertable? And come visit you and Todd?
Beth - 2004-12-14 13:52:09
haha nope help yourself ;)
annie - 2004-12-14 14:55:07
here's an idea...yes, i'm an 'idea' person...why not just give a gift (that you could keep on giving)...sex...or go on some dates...that could be the way to get the raise/promotion...of course if juddhole won't mind sharing...happy, ho-ho-ho-lidays!
Beth - 2004-12-14 15:05:04
I thought about that..but let's just say I have a lot of 'competition' at my company. No I did-in!
annie - 2004-12-14 15:17:44
oooh...yeah you deed, girrrl...competition-schmopetition...let the yuletide juss happen, girrrl...everybody knows some cutchie and some mistletoe...'help' to make the season bright!
JuddHole - 2004-12-14 17:00:52
Lay off it, annie.
Bethie-baby knows that when she's unwrapping her kilt-clad present, it'll be the bestest Christmas ever.
Then we're going to make our action figures 'do it.'
Ricky - 2004-12-14 21:04:02
Ok, that was so funny that I'm not even jealous that juddhole and chickie-legs action figures get to do it ... ok, yeah I am, but still, that's funny.
Bill - 2004-12-14 22:16:40
Them are some beautiful gifts. Anyone else think the bowler is really a woman? Why? Where the crotch is there seems to be a box.
Daphne - 2004-12-15 08:44:58
Hey, thanks for the sperm bank link, I actually want that thing! Right now, I have a cute little jar with a nice saying about savings on it, but as a sexologist a sperm bank would be lovely. Thanks for giving up the link, I was going to ask anyway :D
annie - 2004-12-15 14:17:00
listen, ms. beth is a free agent...she can have hard plastic action figure love w/your mold...and...dip into that high powered world of office romping! don't be a hater, juddhole!
rhi - 2004-12-15 23:03:08
thanks for letting me peek!
Sherri - 2004-12-16 14:30:08
Those are just to funny! I need to keep those in mind for a gag gift!
candoor - 2004-12-16 20:02:49
wow, I forgot how much I enjoy you (I'll try not to do it again)... this is my life story in twenty four words.
Beth chickie-legs - 2004-12-16 20:10:12
WOW. Candoor, more like Can Doooo! You are the first one (as far as I know) to actually do the 'life in 24 words'..thing. You win a prize...and by 'prize' I mean 'I'm typing this comment for you'. congrats!!! :)
candora - 2004-12-16 20:23:12
I decided to tell you that you should be one of my favorites and I did not know (or remember) that until just now.
funda - 2004-12-16 20:26:18
I am impulsively attracted to your layout, facial expression, interests, writing, and various intantibles that will take time to explain (if that ever happens).
candoor - 2004-12-16 20:30:26
I cheated and used a contraction (shhhh)... yes, the last two are me too, (et tu?)... and I am as feeling as honored as I am crazy (which means quite honored, actually).
Ricky - 2004-12-16 21:36:49
Heya Ms. Legs. Thank you. I was gonna respond via my own comments but I figured no one goes back and reads them, unlike you who are the mother of continued comments .... (I know, that didn't make much sense) Anywhoo, the software is "Movie Magic Screenwriter" . As far as I know in my limited experience in the movie industry, it seems very cool. I think if someone knew what they were doing such as yourself, it might be very handy. This is a long note. So please delete if desired. So yeah. That's about it, except thanks again. Your are as sweet as suger pie. And that's pretty sweet. Cause it's made of suger ................ and it's a pie...... ok, yeah , you should really delete me .... or just the comment ..... allright then ......
Ms. Legs - 2004-12-16 22:57:11
why...would I delete this now? lol. Seriously I love you dude, you know that. My friend Angel has been motivating me to 'really' write something..I just find it hard to come up with enough material to actually write something that would be worth well, watching...anyway let me know how you do, I'd love to read it!
annie - 2004-12-21 12:54:38
your 'friend,' angel...wink, wink...probably has his own...ahem...motives in motivating you...be careful...choose your friends wisely...

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