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Joshua Allen Bennett - 2004-12-07 18:02:31
whenever I arrive at the gate to board the plane the first thing I do is scope out the ladies..it helps me prepare for the planeride better. If I know my heart will be a flutter the whole time or if I will try to sleep as soon the guy that is always in my seat gets up and moves.. If I find someone then I then slowly move to the nearest restroom and make sure I look 'cool' and hope she didn't notice me before I corrected my pant leg that happened to be tucked inside my sock...not cool
LJ - 2004-12-08 12:33:53
I bet you that if you came out to the west coast you'd find that we all have accents, and that we thought you did too. It just the nature of the geographical beast. But you did a good job explaining the Boston accent. Chya right, eh! :-)LJ
annie - 2004-12-10 14:12:48
relating to your scouting for babes in the airport...it's always such a great way to pass the time...but why do i get sooooo disappointed if the hottie's not on my flight...? as if this is IT...he is the one...the one that was going to sweep me off of my feet in an airplane fantasy...first by sitting in the empty seat next to me (he'll be aisle as i HAVE to have the window) then by offering up his box-o-goodies that the airline so gratiously hands out...peanuts, pretzels and lorne dunes...seriously, what's w/the lorne dunes? then we'll talk all about ourselves the whole flight and laugh and agree and totally connect...not ever making it to the airplane potty room for that mile-high crap...i mean how the heck does anyone menuever in one of those...only to find that when we land, and i'm waiting staring (and smiling)longingly at him to be invited out for a drink or to exchange #'s, he's got his girlfriend waiting to pick him up once we land...and all i've got are the package of lorne dunes that i couldn't enjoy on the flight - afterall they are cookies and i could be seen as a junk food piggy...cannot have that in my fantasy - and the memories from the corners of my mind...me-hem-ries...of the way we were...yes, i usually insist on having the reality that is my life creep on into my fantasies...
chickie-legs - 2004-12-10 14:34:10
bravo! Yes, and the thing is this is exactly what my mother was telling me people think and I was like 'oh that's ridiculous' but then you get on the plane and you start to see the logic...
annie - 2004-12-10 14:36:22
okay, so my spelling is atrocious (haha..got that one right)...i meant lorna doones and graciously and maneuver...eeek! where's spell check when trying to leave feedback on someones diary entry?!?
annie - 2004-12-10 14:40:30
yes, and the other logic in this is that i do this everywhere i go...is this the one?...is that the one?...oooh, are we going to have an affair to remember on a plane...could we have it on the train...how about at your house...we will be louder than a mouse...(yeah, yeah...i'm not really a poet) - these romantic fantasies are what keep us from being bored...!

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