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JuddHole - 2004-11-04 02:04:34
Actually, it made perfect sense to me.
Wait til one of 'em starts throwing beer bottles around, then it gets fun.
reva - 2004-11-04 05:58:32
dude that's cool. Usually when I'm schizo, I can't catch it on film, braaaava!
Joshua Allen Bennett - 2004-11-04 10:44:43
Who took the photos?? PS. the link in your email was misspelled, just so you know
beth - 2004-11-04 10:46:49
I did. and thaaanks. it's all one photo, I'm THAT fast
Joshua Allen Bennett - 2004-11-04 10:47:02
Also what happened? I thought you recieved a pretty phat TV? PS. you should make it into a video, and have each of you talking to each other, have each of them in different moods as well
Beth - 2004-11-04 10:49:21
no, Amy decided to just put her tv into storage. And you already kinda did something like that, did'nt you? but that was kinda the idea with this, different moods, etc
Joshua Allen Bennett - 2004-11-04 10:57:24
Well I sort did something like that but they didn't really communicate with each other. it was my poor attempt and the coldplay video with a little bit of a twist... but yea I knew that was what you were trying to express.. All the thoughts in your head at one time just thought it would look cool them moving, looking at each other, so forth with cool music, you also have cool music with your videos
beth - 2004-11-04 10:59:04
yeah it's a good idea. if i have time to do all that, i'll think about it. now that work is SOOOO busy now..
Joshua Allen Bennett - 2004-11-04 11:20:08
well if you need help whenever or if-ever you feel like doing itlet me know and I can help...just think of it as one more thing you can put on you demo reel ;)
LJ - 2004-11-04 11:26:20
I concur with the mood. Fantastic picture. Very clever of you, but then again you never cease to amaze me with your creative mind. Blessings - LJ
Gary - 2004-11-04 13:13:54
Alas, I know the feeling well. *sigh* Nice touch with the TV picture ;)
mom - 2004-11-04 14:17:01
how did you do that? very cool. i thot, hum...who are all these people? oh, they are all my Beffie...so complex and yet simply devine.
Amy - 2004-11-04 15:08:25
do you vacuum?
beth - 2004-11-04 15:13:38
do I own one?
cloudy - 2004-11-04 15:41:42
Yeah, that makes more sense than anything else right now...
matt - 2004-11-05 00:48:59
the one up against the wall looks like she is arresting herself... PS - i like your hat
beth - 2004-11-05 01:30:26
why are you speaking to me as if it is someone else? anyway, I'm not arresting myself, although that is a good idea to try and make it look like i am... i am staring at my poster or something, i don't remember my 'motivation' for that one. and thanks, I love my hat too. i'm a 'hat' girl

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