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chadly - 2004-09-30 07:42:03
the partridge family were niether partridges nor a family! discuss!
shannon - 2004-09-30 08:09:54
Easter has the best candy. Halloween, with the exception of Candy Corn (found all fall) doesn't really have any "new candy," it all can be found during the rest of the year. Christmas, all you have is egg nog. And Valentine's day, you can have chocolate the rest of the year. So Kudos to Easter, with it's Peeps, Cadbury(sp) eggs, and jelly beans! =D
invisibledon - 2004-09-30 10:34:13
Halloween without a doubt because nothing is off limits at Halloween - Easter is all pastel colors and eggs, Christmas is more about cookies and chocolate, Valentines day excludes anyone not in a relationship, but Halloween panders to the candi-holic in all of us if you like chocolate it's there, if you like lollipops you got it, candy covered fruit not a problem - Halloween is the alter of hendonism for candy plus you get to pretend to be something you wouldn't normally dare try to be while rolling around in the sticky sweet stuff and if you eat too much candy that day no one really cares. All hail Halloween and Jack for President too!
Joshua Allen Bennett - 2004-09-30 10:57:16
I happen to agree with shannon, I always think of Halloween as a 'celerbration of the invention of candy' so of course it has the most available candy, but I don't say to myself "Man I can't wait for halloween so I can finally have so it doesn't really count... The holiday with the 'best' candy is probrably Easter since it is hard to find choclate easter eggs when it is not spring time, but then again i am a huge fan of the Valentine's classic 'heart candy' not only to they taste great but they give out so many good pickup lines... My dating life whouldn't be the same without those pickup lines... so my vote is 'Valentines day'
BigpimpinMBA - 2004-09-30 12:04:00
Groundhog Day. By far.

I'm all verclempt. Talk amongst yourselves.
Bill - 2004-09-30 21:51:52
Without a doubt, Easter! I only have to mention two candies to prove my point - Peeps and Reese's Peanut Butter Eggs. Both are so good that they now make cheap rip offs of these on the other holidays... (Reese's Christmas Trees? C'mon, you can do better than that.)
Joshua Allen Bennett - 2004-10-01 00:19:20
yea Peeps whould have my vote as the ultimate holiday candy, but the maker of peeps sold out and Easter lost their exclusive licence with the maker. if you look at their website, which I strongly incourage all candy fans to join the Peep fan club, it states that "peeps are for all seasons"
Dawn (webmiztris) - 2004-10-01 13:24:27
Easter, definitely - because of PEANUT BUTTER MELTAWAY EGGS!!! Mmmmmm.
Rick - 2004-10-01 22:53:16
Waz up my PEEPS?!....er...sorry... I just always wanted to say that.....and it just seeme like a good oppurtunity...so........yeah........candy, huh? Nice. Alrighty then
Ginny - 2004-10-03 16:15:10
Ok, I think peeps are GROSS! But I do like Snickers Eggs, and Cadbury Eggs, and Starburst Jelly Beans, So easter does kinda rock in that respect, but Halloween is good too. I've never been much for Christmas candy. Our house is usually all about the Cookies and fudge. I like candy just about anytime. How about Happy Wednesday Candy? Candy just for the hell of it is better than holiday candy.
Ginny - 2004-10-03 16:27:34
Oh, and about the book, (i felt compelled to go find it since I work in a bookstore) it seems to be available only in Canada, but this website (www.sandhillbooks.com)lists the stores that sell it, so maybe if you contact one of them, they could ship it to you. This is the books' ISBN : 0973084006, it should help you with ordering it.
elizabeth - 2004-10-15 14:44:36
Valentines day has red hot AND converstion hearts... yum

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