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Majnoon - 2004-09-02 17:23:12
If you like what they have to say and find interest in their words, well I say keep 'em. However, if they don't update often (or not at all), or they no longer interest you, or have pissed the pirate that you are off...delete them. I list many people as favorites that don't list me as one because I find them fascinating and good reading. Now if you're worried about hurting a friend's feelings by deleting them as a fav, well that's a tough choice. People are fickle creatures indeed. But aren't pirates ruthless? Good luck in your troubled waters...Jerry
Lani - 2004-09-02 17:28:47
It does stink when you see that favorites number decrease, but take heed, most of the time it's not because of your writing. Many people find themselves too lazy to read entire diaries and only keep their absolute favorites. That's generally my scenario. Some people pull me in and I remain interested in their lives, others are only entertainment. It all depends and it's certainly not personal. You rock on, how could it be?
Lani - 2004-09-02 17:29:16
Sting! I meant sting!
purplecigar - 2004-09-02 17:33:10
It stinks too. I find if folks don't update often and I can visit them once a week or so and catch-up, I'll take them off just because I need to be able to know when the folks who do update often update. Make sense?
JuddHole - 2004-09-02 17:36:21
Bethie-baby, people, for the most part, suck.
And not in a good way either, *wink*.
I have only about 5 favo-favo-favo-rites, people that I absolutely will not miss and have read all their entries, diaries that I enjoy no matter what mood I'm in.
For whatever it counts, yours is one of them.
And not just because I want to get nekkid with you.
I mean, I DO, but that's not why I read.
I read 'cause... um... so, are we going to get nekkid or what?
Bethie - 2004-09-02 17:41:45
Well, you guys are kick ass, b/c I just wrote this entry and you are already commenting..ROCK. I think it's b/c I sorta try to keep this thing somewhat on the light side. But the few times I talk about actual shit I tend to lose people. People do suck, indeed. Matt and I were discussing this the other day. It's hard to be consistent. He suggested I stalk these people down who deleted me and ask why they did lol. I think I might just write to random diarylanders and ask them why they deleted me and see what happens. The whole thing is ridiculous, but I'm a ridiculous person and if these people read my diary they would know that.
Cloudy - 2004-09-02 18:45:38
Well, I do not know why anyone would drop you as a fave, because you are always read-worthy, it must be a mistake.
gerg69 - 2004-09-02 19:12:32
I only delete them if they haven't updated in about a month or two. Ane even then it depends on how much I like them. In the beginning I linked to anyone who linked to me regardless if they sucked or not, just to return the favor. Since then I've become more selective...depending on if they're really funny or if they show their boobs a lot. You of course got grandfathered in just under the boob clause so you're ok dear. It does suck when you get deleted because you have no idea who it was. I just let it go now.
U.D. - 2004-09-02 19:13:23
101 adoring fans aint nuttin to sneeze at.
shannon - 2004-09-02 19:37:42
I usually delete people if they haven't updated in 25-30 days, but not usually unless it gets to that point...
chadly - 2004-09-02 21:13:07
1.) lack of updates for a while. 2.) Yeah! The porn! Very odd for a site that appears to be marketed to preteen girls. Like Juddhole.
Greglicious - 2004-09-02 22:47:25
If I find out them that they are those that call themselves the red bastards - aka commies, comin in my house all hours of the night and molesting my christmas boxes - damn them all to hell, off my diary list right away!! And for some reason I'm prejudiced against ducks who wear sweaters!
nicki - 2004-09-03 04:48:26
i will delete when i find myself skipping over 'em when the DO update. that's how i really know i'm not all that interested anymore. it's really nothing personal...
Dawn - 2004-09-03 22:09:50
I actually have some insight on this topic - people will delete you from their favs if you don't regularly reciprocate by checking out their blogs also. A lot of people list favorites to create more hits for themselves and to hopefully get listed on YOUR favorites page. If you don't visit their blog, they delete you.
wiggie - 2004-09-04 20:19:40
Well, I always appreciated it that I'm still on your favorites list even though my diaryland page isn't updated any more...and my other one barely ever is. Thanks!
hiddenmaster - 2004-09-05 13:01:19
I'm sure you know there are others that are NOT on diaryland who found your site and enjoy your posts. I usually check every couple of days, and think you have a great sense of humor and I enjoy your writings and pics. I don't post here because the one time I did, I paid you a compliment and got labeled as a stalker. Nice! But I did want you to know that there are probably many others that don't show up on any "Favorite" list who appreciate your site. Keep up the good work!
tali - 2004-09-16 18:09:36
I delete people when they haven't updated for 3 months, unless they were one of my absolutely faves--then I keep em, just in case they come back. Occasionally, I'll go through my list and weed out those that I tend to skip over even when they do update. Nothing personal--just means that whatever it was that sparked the interest is no longer there.

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