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BigpimpinMBA - 2004-08-30 10:40:54
Can you steal a chair that Molly Shannon sat in for me? I have an unnatural love for Molly, Cheri OTeri and Will Ferrell. The dreams are really quite disgusting.
LJ - 2004-08-30 12:10:53
Did you update your resume and take it along?
Beth - 2004-08-30 12:12:55
good idea...I'll have to do that..
kristen - 2004-08-30 14:40:47
That's kick ass. If I lived on the eastside I'd be all over the opportunity of being in music videos, but only if they're metal or rock.. none of that hip hop and other useless crap. Goodluck with saturday night live!
oddoldman - 2004-08-30 16:28:41
Kick ass, baby! Have a great and SAFE time in the bid City. Far better choice than spending time in Boston seeing some maroon.
Beth - 2004-08-30 16:59:05
Now Dad, that's not way to talk about your son! And having my dad say 'kick ass' is totally worth this trip. ROCK IT.
matt - 2004-08-30 23:05:30
if you want to attract Carson's attention, all you have to do is be a male prostitute. JUST KIDDING! but seriously, you should make a t-shirt that says "Tara Reid is a slut" and wear it everyday you're on the set- because, everyone knows that Carson hates her, since she's a whore and all.
Bill - 2004-08-31 00:48:00
That does kick ass. Have fun and break a leg. But don't wear the Tara Reid t-shirt. No one wants to be reminded of their ex.
purplecigar - 2004-09-01 11:28:11
Aww. I love it when someone gets to do something they've been wanting to do. Kudos!
chadly - 2004-09-02 07:10:47
That's awesome. I'm very jealous. :) Can't wait to see the pics and hear all about it...
Different Beth - 2004-09-03 16:42:44
Hello, I stop in here for a good laugh every week or so but never post. Just wanted to wish you luck!

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