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Joshua Allen Bennett - 2004-08-09 12:57:31
I sort of do the same thing with the word resume'... when my dad bugs me about working on my job applications.. he always says "when are you going to resume your resume'" while out loud that might sound alright but on paper it just looks weird.... please note: that is a made up story, my dad has never said those words to me. I just told that story to prove my point that I don't like the way the word resume' looks
Mom - 2004-08-09 17:10:40
You have always been tooo touchie and you should learn to fence...touche'
chickie-legs - 2004-08-09 17:12:16
lol, nice Mom.
Joshua Allen Bennett - 2004-08-10 16:25:35
They actually had fencing at florida tech.. it was weird becuase Florida Tech isn't known for their high level of a sports program...whenever I was bored I would go to the gym during their class... nothing brings a smile to my face more then hearing 10 people say word touche all at the same time... and then hearing the other 10 people say "on guard" over and over again...

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