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LJ - 2004-08-06 14:39:03
Thanks for sharing those memories. They are sweet. You are very blessed to have a sister and be so close to her. Yay Team!! Cheers - LJ
cloudy - 2004-08-06 14:49:38
Oh, so sweet!
Amy - 2004-08-06 15:17:15
Awe.... I love you too Messy Bessy!!! PS - please take the pictures. why did you have to pick the worst pictures????
beth - 2004-08-06 15:18:19
there the only ones I had on here lol. Feel free to send me different ones.
warcrygirl - 2004-08-06 15:32:58
Great entry! I really enjoyed it. *runs off to call sister*
Dr. Hardcrab - 2004-08-06 18:00:33
I just want to be one of the judges if you two decide to do another pageant..... ;-]
freed0m - 2004-08-09 15:41:27
Hi there! Just found your diary and wanted to say I'm enjoying it! You make me laugh, which is always a good thing...
matt - 2004-08-09 18:02:10
HEY! That's THE MONSTER AT THE END OF THIS BOOK. The plot of the story was that Grover was really scared to get to the end of the book, seeing as how there was a monster at the end and all, and it turned out that the monster at the end of the book was...GROVER! He was afraid of himself! What a loser!
JuddHole - 2004-08-09 19:58:33
Cute, cute story.
Cute, cute Bethie.
Now, for some more cute, how 'bout making with some of those "pageant" pics?
Am I the only one that consistently clamors for nudity?
Alright, I'll show you mine of the "Scottish/Welsh Pageant," and we'll be even.
Bethie - 2004-08-09 19:59:48
I WAS 5 YEARS OLD PEOPLE!! (email those pics and we'll trade)

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