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Joshua Allen Bennett - 2004-07-12 22:00:40
Yes of course post more pics... you should turn all your diaries into "photo-diary"
Beth - 2004-07-12 22:02:56
Yeah but good story-telling shouldn't have pictures :) Beata took these and there are like literally more than 300 left..I have lots more lol. I just didn't want to put up too many pictures of the other guys since I didn't get their permission.
Joshua Allen Bennett - 2004-07-12 22:47:25
please the only stories I read are the ones with pictures. they speak in so many differnt languages
Beth - 2004-07-12 22:48:57
Well, I guess I always felt that as a story-teller (which is what this is, really) it's best to not have to say 'well, you had to be there' at the end. And with pictures that's pretty much what I'm doing.. but adding funny captions to pictures is a little different I guess.
Joshua Allen Bennett - 2004-07-12 23:32:19
Well, I guess I always felt that adding funny captions to pictures that end up telling a completly different story then the one that actually is portrayed in the photo is classified as talent...:) and another side of ones sense of humor
Dawn - 2004-07-13 11:32:58
Wow, shooting a video sounds like fun!! But the looks on your faces tells a different story. Maybe everyone's just thinking really hard? Is this video going to be on M-TV? (you know, during that hour they play videos?) Go chickie!
Beth - 2004-07-13 11:41:59
It is a lot of fun, but a lot more work than people realize. Plus it was super hot and you pretty much do physical labor all day...but it's worth it in the end. Plus I got a bit of a workout, which is something I definitely need. =) I hope it will be on MTV, that's up to MTV I guess.
LJ - 2004-07-13 11:42:56
Your a groupy!!! How cool is that!!! Next stop MTV!!
Beth - 2004-07-13 12:09:32
I'm not a groupie!! I'm a co-producer..or a PA or...something. I might actually get to help edit it too. =) I'm excited, we're doing one next weekend too, I forget the name of the band though.
Ahna - 2004-07-13 13:03:56
Hello. Great to see you updating again. Great pictures. So you are a dance fiend too? Hmm I smell dance-off coming. Kidding. Hope that you are at least having a moment's rest before you rush around again. Keep in touch when you can. Notes from you are always a nice surprise. Adios amiga.
scizott - 2004-07-13 16:30:01
were any goldfish harmed in the making of this video?
Beth - 2004-07-13 16:32:35
not as bas as the roosters on the film I did before...(no)
matt - 2004-07-14 12:07:46
Nic - 2004-07-14 18:42:00
i love your diary....lol ur a great dancer
MYSTERY CRITIC - 2004-07-19 10:32:11
.....never mind .....out of sight, out of mind .....don't mind me .....you never did
Beth - 2004-07-19 10:51:45
Uhhh mom, what the hell are you talking about? You're smoking too much ganga over there in West Virginia!!!

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