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nicki - 2004-07-07 04:22:24
you should shove his OWN nuts in his cheeks (if he has any)...that would be pretty funny.
JuddHole - 2004-07-07 10:49:58
Why the hate for Dr. Neil or whatever the hell his name is? He's got a very soothing voice, and he makes me not want to make fun of the pathetic yutzes who seek the ultimate relationship over the internet.
This feeling doesn't last that long, but it's sure nice while its here.
Yutzes... heh. See, it's back.
Joshua Allen Bennett - 2004-07-07 11:20:06
I guess I shouldn't tell anyone on this forum where I met this girl I am taking out on friday night... I hope she talks as smooth and sweet as she types...
LJ - 2004-07-07 11:45:07
Please don't tell me you found this website because you're "single female seeking . . . .". I just couldn't bare the thought of our sweet Chickie-legs out there gambling with her heart . . . . > LJ
chickie-legs - 2004-07-07 11:54:37
ha! Nooooo. I just hate that guy, or least his commercials..and his voice..and his chipmunk dimples. I'm single and enjoying that for a bit...well, until Jimmy comes to my door
Dawn - 2004-07-07 15:32:30
The whole e-harmony thing is a crock anyway. I mean, they find you people who are JUST LIKE YOU. My husband and I are complete opposites and that's why we're HAPPY. E-harmony never would have matched us up. I wouldn't send that guy a dime, even if I were a desperate, pathetic loser.
Brian - 2004-07-07 15:51:36
I love how he shakes his head slightly while little grin-smiling and talking. How can you not be sincere about how great a match you can find online, if you talk that way? Are there are so many dimensions of romanticity that e-harmony can match you up to...you can't resist it. It knows best.
Beth - 2004-07-08 15:20:49
I think his voice annoys me most of all, and how he smiles when he is talking with those little holes in his cheeks...ugggh he drives me crazy. His voice reminds me of a mix between a lawnmower and something even more annoying than a lawnmower.
Joshua Allen Bennett - 2004-07-08 16:54:06
Dude just imagine him mowing your lawn...
Brian - 2004-07-08 17:24:41
Dude, it's all I can do to not imagine him doing that.
Beth - 2004-07-08 17:30:00
LOL, but as he's mowing my lawn, he has his head turned towards me, using his stupid hang gestures talking about e-harmony.com, and how awesome it is. Then that chick will be like 'i like to tell people that I made an order for my man' or something stupid like that. THEN I will punch them both in the face.
Beth - 2004-07-08 17:31:00
make that 'hand' not 'hang' but both works, really.
Joshua Allen Bennett - 2004-07-08 20:37:43
Dude, I don't want to imagine his hang gestures that is probrably for a totally different kind of website... which he probrably is the spokesperson for as well....Seriously though I feel kind of bad for him. a grown man mowing lawns during the day and trying to meet his 10th wife of the week online during the night...
Gravis Zero - 2004-07-09 04:07:30
"romanticity"... umm... it's romance. you aren't by chance a republican are you? ^^ anyway, i havent see this guy before. im thinking its because i only get 10 tv stations because cox sux cox and demand i pay $738921 for cable monthly to get anything decent. btw... i have no political ties but i like making jabs at other people who do. ^^
Brian - 2004-07-09 12:21:34
Dude, it's romanticity. I saw the commercial.
Gravis Zero - 2004-07-11 20:27:31
Yes, good call on correcting me, now we just need those dictionary folks to catch up and put romanticity in the dictionary. Happy cat throwing to everone!

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