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Ahna - 2004-06-30 10:57:10
By coincidence, did your band trip end up in terrible sickness on the bus ride home? Ours did. Somehow, everyone gets sick on a band trip. Have a great day! Toodles.
invisibledon - 2004-06-30 11:32:13
why are all your arms crossed? my curious nature get the better of me at times
Joshua Allen Bennett - 2004-06-30 12:16:16
Tell Chris and Maggie Congrats for me if I don't talk to him before you do... I wish them all the best...
Gravis Zero - 2004-06-30 12:55:53
not to worry, love comes with time... and you cant force time to move faster unless you can move at speeds near the speed of light. im guessing you cant do that, so just wait... love will find you.
Beth - 2004-06-30 13:26:02
Seriously, I'm not upset at all, I just like to make Chris feel bad haha. Just congrats to them is all..and Don the 'crossing arms' thing..well maybe Josh can explain that better than me. I'm not worried about me getting married, Jimmy Fallon will start stalking ME soon, just you wait.
JuddHole - 2004-06-30 13:56:36
Well shee-it! If I'da known you was single, maybe I'da held off on the whole "one-knee" thing. You're probably too smart to ever go for a JuddHole, though. I'm glad I duped the Girl when I did. MWAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA...
Beth - 2004-06-30 14:24:05
and she's a very lucky girl! My time will come...just hopefully before I'm 30..
Rick - 2004-06-30 15:51:58
Yeah......that's what I thought too. ;) 30 is pretty much the cut-off age, huh? I knew I was supposed to do something! Dangit!! Now I'm gonna have to become a hermit and scare little children, I hate that. (The hermit part that is - scaring children is fun though :)
scizott - 2004-06-30 23:17:25
whoa,......bethie is georgous as always but josh looks,......weird.... (i think i'm gonna enjoy this PEZ that's been starring at me since may)
Joshua Allen Bennett - 2004-07-01 15:18:03
Scott, you always have a way with words and u know just want to say to make someone's day a little better.. :) I challenge you to say something nice about someone without tearing down someone else in the same sentence... but I understand that you might be a little jealous of me becuase I actually know why we crossed our arms in that photo, so I let it slide.. Dude what your doing with PEZ dispensors that is the second time you mentioned PEZ on beth's diary.... talk about being weird...
Beth - 2004-07-01 15:34:41
ahhhhh okay.
Scott: Don't be mean to Josh
Josh: Don't take Scott seriously
Beth: eat ice cream tonight.
Beth: Sounds good to me!
reva - 2004-07-01 15:46:24
AMEN!! I swear, all my buds getting married is making me look bad. grrrrrrrr
renee - 2004-07-02 15:01:12
hi beth, i know we're not exactly chum chum with each other (no fault of yours, i'm just really timid with very cool people). I'm glad you and Josh are great friends, it's about time he spends so much time with a girl. Have a good day.

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