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Maverick - 2004-06-28 12:24:36
I'm glad I could help you in the fun of super-glue and orbs and freaking you out in the middle of the night. I'm always here to help. hehehe
Gravis Zero - 2004-06-28 12:55:37
yeah... so that tip you cut off, wasnt really a tip. you press down and move it and it works like a pen. ugh... superglue and me are friends and enemies. good for stuff, bad for flesh.
JuddHole - 2004-06-28 12:56:52
I've glued stuff to my fingers and my lip (not the same incident). I know a guy that glued his dick to his workbench.

At the very least, your privates weren't involved.
the Bob - 2004-06-28 13:02:44
oh boy chickie... you are hilarious. alas, the toils of super glue. i'm assuming that had the old fashioned tube of super glue as opposed to the new fangled pen type. there are no good helpful hints with that stuff, next time try the gel form. you will be dealing with your hardened finger tips for about a week, so good luck with that. please keep entertaining us with yuor misadventures of chicken and super glue.
The Chickie - 2004-06-28 13:48:00
hey, the bob..where did you come from? :) And I didn't cut the whole tip off, it was still 'pen-like'..it just squirted out. It was very happy to see me..lol, er I mean. And Juddhole, when I first read your comment I thought you said 'at least pirates weren't involved' Yeah, but that would have been more fun at least. YARRR
rama-lama-ding-dong - 2004-06-28 15:35:26
did you seriously have your hands glued to your face? i'm sorry, i'm not laughing at all, that would be rude. and as for yesterday, no i did not buy your thing. I can however do dinner again if you want sometime. heck, call me tonight, i'm not busy.
mOM - 2004-06-28 16:00:55
bETH - 2004-06-28 16:31:15
dialzero - 2004-06-28 17:46:50
Nail polish remover will get it off yr skin...
unknown - 2004-06-29 10:41:10
I was going to say nail polish too--it smells bad but will get it off.
Beth - 2004-06-29 23:08:33
yeah, it said that on the bottle..but I dont have any nail polish.. eventually I just scrapped it off with my nails, and it just looked like I was some kind of zombie. good times

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