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LJ - 2004-06-08 17:05:12
Rumour has it, although I've never tried it myself, that Preparation H is good for laugh/smile/frown lines. Think about what "H" does . . . it'll shrink up those lines in no time. REALLY!! They say that thats what the celeb's do. If you can get over the psychological impact.
evy - 2004-06-09 11:59:12
that is so funny..pickle juice..not the first thing that would ever come to my mine if i wanted to clean my face..but hey..if it works for you then it will work for others..as far at the smell goes...........yuck* lol good entrie..worth reading.xoxoxo
Nikki - 2004-06-09 13:19:30
Heh heh. Tomatoes also work wonders.
Sara - 2004-06-09 14:42:55
good thing you didn't use those spicy pickles!! I also heard that if you streatch your "face muscles", it would improve the look of your face. It would seem odd if you decide to do this at work...
Kelly - 2004-06-09 16:17:15
Speaking of Preparation H, my eye got infected and swelled up hideously two days before my wedding last July...and we actually used the stuff to bring down the swelling around the eye on my wedding day! And it worked...but it stinks and kept makeup from adhering to my skin. :)
Gravis Zero - 2004-06-09 22:49:46
hoo yeah, i remember conan talking about how he uses preparation h for his face. personally, i would looking into some of the more conventional cosmetic creams and whatnot. oh... oww... i wouldnt do that whole stretching the muscles in your face cause that shit is permanant and what if it doesnt turn out as expected?! oh... and you should put a sign on your desk that reads "Please compliment me on my appearance." dunno who would say what, but it would definately make them feel weird. :)
Joshua Allen Bennett - 2004-06-10 07:32:22
Dude I was exploring your site and noticed the pic for the Hear me now section... it looks awesome.. Nice Scan line effect, not too noticiable, it doesn't stand out like most images I have seen , it just looks more realistic then some effect... No I am not just saying that :) and Yes I do like it... and yes a little jealous :)
Beth - 2004-06-10 15:46:16
Wow Josh that wasn't subtle at all! It's almost as if I asked you if you saw the picture yet and what you thought of it..hmmm. And no reason to be jealous, I need to fix it. I only wish I had a picture of me with my hands up... dammit 4 year old beffie!!!
Joshua Allen Bennett - 2004-06-10 23:05:54
haha I have no idea what your talking about ;)....hey I was thinking for you "see me" page you can have a photo of u sitting at your desk looking at the monitor in which your in the monitor making a funny face at yourself.. and it could say "Here's looking at you (while looking at me) as I look at myself"
beth - 2004-06-10 23:10:21
too bad I already thought of that, and when I actually do that, I will NOT give you credit b/c you definitely did not think of that really good idea that I already thought of....(DAMMIT!!)
Joshua Allen Bennett - 2004-06-11 00:33:03
ok ok... I admit I think you told me that idea before, I knew it sounded familar... You better do it before I think of it AGAIN and pass it on as my cool idea once AGAIN...
Carla - 2004-06-11 20:21:59
I'm me-me-meee on diaryland but it's locked so I've refrained from linking to it, to keep from annoying you.) Anyway, pickles have alum in them, which helps preserve them, but it also shrinks the skin a bit. Pickles really are the ultimate cucumber.

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