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gerg - 2004-05-08 00:53:14
I felt the same way when i moved out of my room.
Joshua Allen Bennett - 2004-05-08 05:14:20
Here's to your new memories in your new apartment...and kids playing in the pool while you are trying to sleep :) Congrats Beth... It would be weird when I go over to Pick up Patch for racquetball now... I can't say "what is Beth up to, does she want to play?"... :)
patty - 2004-05-11 09:17:18
when i sleep over at my 'rents house? my mom will 1) turn up the heat so i wake up roasting 2) turn on the stereo blasting show tunes 3) sings really loud 4) makes some totally huge breakfast that i would only eat at 3am when wasted. but i love her.

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