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razor-vixen - 2004-04-07 12:35:19
*sigh* Things I have all wanted to do at one time or another. Directing calls sucks.
Joshua Allen Bennett - 2004-04-07 12:43:13
Also a fun way to tease people over the phone is to throw your voice like a machine and tell them to push a sequence of numbers to get to the party they want.... the hard part is to control your laughter when you hear them pushing the buttons..try to end it with "computer can't compute, please enter 0 for the operator" then you can talk to them normally
Patch - 2004-04-07 13:30:48
I'm going to call bullshit on you Beth, you don't do any of that.
Beth - 2004-04-08 15:11:56
well well wellll look who actually decided to read his big sisters' diary! PAAATCH. And you called me out too. dork
Amy - 2004-04-09 13:17:09
Well... Patch knows bullshit when he sees it. I guess you can say he's the Bullshit King. Just kidding, love you bud.
Beth - 2004-04-09 14:13:24
ahh no you DIIN'T!! burnnnnnn 'sike' as cam cam would say, Patch never reads this anyway.

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