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Joshua Allen Bennett - 2004-03-29 23:03:21
haha...that is too funny :) It's funny becuase everytime we talk you ask me to talk like a pirate and move my hands like a robot, I never figured out why...I hope when you recieve this new friend of yours I can go back to talking like a normal kid again...
Amy - 2004-03-30 08:22:20
Since I love my lil sis so much, I was actually going to bid on it for you. Until I saw the price! I love you very much and if I had the money, I would've bought it for you. Oh well, maybe next time.
Trey - 2004-03-30 18:40:53
Dude, that is truly the most kickass thing I have ever seen in my life...I think a robot Mr. T could kick his ass though...(if they made those that is.) Man we could have our own army of T's!!! ROCK!
Brian - 2004-03-31 11:53:09
I once had a robot...but I fired it for gross mismanagement of my carpet. There's a lesson to be learned there.
kitty - 2004-03-31 12:03:17
..... I don't even know what to say..... .....I'm totally shocked..... .......wow.

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