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wiggie - 2004-03-01 15:43:34
Best of luck in getting that job! I hope that turns into ice cream eating of victory, instead of the sad ice cream eating of disappointment. That wasn't very uplifting, was it? Oops...I mean well!
Gary - 2004-03-01 19:16:39
Those benefits sound great! I just started a new job myself in January, the best paying job I've ever had, and I still don't have benefits that good. Good luck B-Mo, I hope you get it!
Bill - 2004-03-01 22:34:03
Sounds like a promising start that could turn into something great! I hope it goes well - and I hope you enjoyed the ice cream. A long drive like that can be rough - for about two years I made trips to work like that... Bob and Tom in the morning (a syndicated radio show) and books on CDs in the evening became my best friends (along with a steady diet of the crack - wait, did I just type that? Damn!)

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