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Amy - 2004-02-19 16:03:02
By the way, Cameron LOVED her rose! Mike is so sweet. I, of course, got nothing except a candle from my mom. Thanks Mom!! Anyway, sounds like this was an adventure you'll never forget. That's pretty cool.
Trey - 2004-02-19 17:05:07
That sounds like the most interesting day ever. Sucks about your leg though...I really haven't a clue what to say now, have a great day! ROCK!
Beth - 2004-02-19 17:16:05
yeah mom gave you me and patch a candle. And she gave me socks too...haha. You can have some of my flowers Amy, mike wanted to give you some, but he didn't know if it was appropriate or not. ;)
El Jameso - 2004-02-20 16:20:36
Your poor leg! I'd offer to kiss it to make it feel better, but I'm worried it'll bite me:(
Gravis Zero - 2004-02-21 15:16:09
my eyes, my beutiful eyes. i was reading and didnt blink...... ok not really, but that was damn long. congrats on living through the rise of the machines, they tried to assasinate my foot twice.

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