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Joshua Allen Bennett - 2004-02-09 03:16:01
Same thing happened at my work, only his nickName was "2 fried eggs with a side of bacon" and I don't actually work anywhere...
Brian - 2004-02-09 12:06:11
That's why I hate the phone, and avoid it at all times. That and my crushing shyness and never actually having anyone to call. Except my Mom! :)
Jason - 2004-02-09 18:00:29
hmm... I thnk I just spent five minutes of my life trying to figure that out and once I did it made no sense!! dont you hate that!
Beth - 2004-02-09 23:21:01
Yes, welcome to my life! grrr did anyone watch the 'cereal and milk' thing yet? i was waiting for people to complain about getting the song in their head all day....cereal and milk, milk and cereal..

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